Making Up for Yesterday

I’m exhausted. My lack of motivation disappeared completely today:

– Up at 6:30AM
– Stuck in morning rush hour for almost two hours going to the base
– Blood work done for a physical
– Post office to mail out books and promo
– Grocery store
– Stuck in lunch time rush hour for an hour
– Drop off groceries at home
– Off to B&N 12 miles from my house to pick up Volume 4 of St. Dragon Girl since they are the only ones who have it (got turned around on the way there and had to be re-routed 2 miles out of the way because of an accident)
– Go next door to Trader Joe’s, because hey it was there
– Go to Starbuck’s for the same reason
– Drive 8 miles back towards my house to Staples for mailing supplies for future promo/book mailings
– Go around the corner to Chipotle to pick up lunch
– Go home, unload car, set up my food tray and get ready to eat for the first time since 7:30pm yesterday (blood work requires fasting 8-12hrs prior)
– Eating put on pause because I found out that the 2011 RITA entry form is live as of today. So input ERIS real quick.
– Watch a few anime episodes while eating my chicken burrito bowl
– Pack up my five copies of ERIS for RITA along with three other promo packages
– Back out to go to the post office one mile up the road
– Come home and try to start the next round of mailings, but find watching anime is about all I’m good for

As I said, I’m exhausted. I fed the kitties. I cleaned the kitchen. I’m listing starboard so it’s time for bed. At least I managed to get a few paragraphs of YOLETTE written while waiting my turn at the doctor’s office.

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