LKF #16 – No-Name Sultan

Little Known Fact #16 – No-Name Sultan

Those who have read ERIS (Eternal Truths, Book 1) might wonder why I never gave the sultan a name. I mean, everyone knows about the crusades and the sultans during those battles are well documented. So why not pick one of those men and name him in the book?

Simple — that’s the history of THIS Earth. ERIS takes place in an alternate universe on a different Earth that is similar to this one in many ways but very dissimilar in many more ways. The are tons of historical differences in the Plain Sight universe that I just couldn’t get into with ERIS because it would have slowed the flow of the book. I hope to touch on a few of those differences in later books set in that universe.

Since the sultan is only mentioned and not an actual character, I figured I could slide without naming him. As well, people can’t point to a history book and say my facts are wrong, even if it is an alternate universe.

You might have also noticed, I didn’t name the king either. 😛

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