LKF #23 – Adrienne: Feyr

Little Known Fact #23 – ADRIENNE: Feyr

ADRIENNE features a big black, panther-like kitty named Feyr. He is my ultimate big black kitty. He is also my wish for a cat of my own. When I was writing ADRIENNE, I didn’t have any pets. I had never had any pets.

I had always, always wanted a cat, especially a black one. Since I couldn’t have one, I gave one to my heroine. But I wasn’t going to give her some little house cat. I gave her the biggest, baddest black cat around.

Shortly before ADRIENNE was submitted for publication, my dream of owning a black cat came true. Misha is my black kitty with an attitude problem who firmly loves my husband and disdains me. *sigh*

It’s okay. Her sister (litter-mate) Sputnik is my little grey baby. She may not be the color I wanted, but I love her all the same.

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