LKF #24 – Adrienne: Sequels?

Little Known Fact #24 – ADRIENNE: Sequels?

Yes there are sequels to ADRIENNE. Yes, plural. There are two sequels to be specific. One is a direct sequel, timeline-wise, that gives info about Malik’s absence from the palace and also enlightens the reader about more of Bron Universe.

The second sequel is about Malik and Adrienne’s last born child and her reaction to her betrothal. Both sequels are planned and plotted (for the most part). They just need to be written and then submitted. How long that will take, I have no clue. It all depends on what life throws at me.

I also have one spin-off/sequel planned about a few characters in ADRIENNE. Which characters and what the spin-off is about is my little secret. But, you’ll know it when it comes out. Again, when that will be is entirely up to Fate to decide.

And just to clear up one thing, her brothers will NEVER get a book of their own. There were tertiary characters to help the story along.

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