LKF #25 – Adrienne: Malik’s Temper

Little Known Fact #25 – ADRIENNE: Malik’s Temper

While writing ADRIENNE, I ran across a phenomenon that I would later bump into again and again — temperamental hero syndrome. I usually don’t develop this issue with my heroines, but my heroes sometimes like to cop an attitude sometimes.

I had originally planned for Malik to come off as a badass ruler type who no one wants to mess with and everyone respects and loves, despite him being scary as hell. Uh yeah… that so didn’t happen.

Instead, Malik came across as a giant spoiled brat. No matter how I tried to re-write his scenes, the impression wouldn’t go away. Hence the temperamental hero syndrome. He wanted to be written one way while I wanted to write him another.

He won. 😛

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