Misc: Additions/Detractions

You probably noticed the progress meter in the right column (or just looked at it now since I mentioned it). Isn’t that lovely? I found it on another author’s site and decided to upload it to mine. I hadn’t realized Yolette was so long before I put that meter up. *shrug*

So, for everyone out there, see… I am writing… albeit slowly. And yes, I am working on all those books simultaneously. I jump around. No, I don’t get confused. I actually prefer to write like this. I only focus on one book exclusively when it’s near completion (much more so than Yolette is right now. I’d say 95-97% finished). It’s like the final sprint right before the finish line. 😀

Just to head off the question — none of those books is contracted. I’m getting them finished so I can send them out… hopefully soon (and by soon I mean within the next two or three months).

I’m also dropping the author interviews after I finish the last few. Come 2010 there will be no more (I have to update my website to reflect that). It was a fun run but also a bit time-consuming and annoying which took away from some of my writing time. I’ve actually cut out a bunch of the distractions of 2009 so I can make 2010 a lot better for my writing.

I may come up with something else to have content on my blog and keep people coming back as well as entice new followers. I just like promoting other people as well as myself since I feel it is beneficial for both. But for now, the books on my progress list are a little more important than posting to my blog… which is probably why I have 100 less posts this year than 2008.

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