Misc Ramblings #6 – Wii Fit

Wii Fit Ramble

Good lord that thing is evil… but fun. 😀

It’s evil because it doesn’t take boobs into account when determining BMI (Body Mass Index). So my Mii has a beer belly when she should have big boobs and small waist. *sigh* Ok, medium waist. I’m a size 7 at the moment.

According to the Wii Fit, I should be standing on the balls of my feet all the time to have correct balance. That would hurt.

But, I must say, it does it’s job. I did 31 minutes of exercises (it told me) and I can tell. I think the most memorable was the “Short Run”. For the Short Run, you stick the Wii-mote in your pocket (or hold it at your side if you have no pockets) and run in place.

Lord have mercy, that was hard and annoying. I kept getting closer and closer to the TV. When I was trying to speed up and get it over with the Wii said, “You’re moving too fast. Try to stay at 60% speed.” I’m thinking, “Of course I’m moving fast. I want to finish before I die.” ;P

The funnest game was the aerobics DDR rip-off. After I got the pattern it was easy. I can do that all day long, though I think the Wii would yell at me if I did. 🙂 So I have to remember to visit the wii everyday (or try to) so it doesn’t get snotty with me. And, I’ve heard that it does.

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