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Publication Date: July 8, 2008
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New Young Adult!

The Ankh of Isis by Christine Norris
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy-SciFi

ISBN: 978-1-60504-065-3
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Christine Clavel

Megan gets lost in books. Literally.

The Library of Athena, Book 2

Megan Montgomery is looking forward to a nice, quiet Easter holiday. No school, no homework, time with her friends. Then her father informs her Mr. Hemmlich, a potential client and archaeologist, is coming to stay with them for the entire week. Her dreams of goofing off go up in smoke–until Hemmlich arrives with his handsome teenage son in tow. Things are definitely looking up.

Megan’s excitement quickly turns to suspicion when Hemmlich starts asking questions about the manor and its builder, Sir Gregory. Is it just admiration for Sir Gregory’s work? Or could Hemmlich know about the Library of Athena, the secret room full of magic books hidden deep beneath the manor? It shouldn’t be possible.

But then again, if she can get sucked inside a book…

Warning: Heart-stopping adventure, giant snakes, and Egyptian gods!

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New Romance!

One Night in Memphis by Allie Boniface
Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-063-0
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Can anything really change in twenty-four hours? Can everything?

What if a woman, tired of bad choices and broken hearts, traveled a thousand miles to the heart of Memphis, Tennessee, and spent a night forgetting her past in the blues clubs of Beale Street? What if a man who lost his wife to cancer ventured to Beale Street’s social scene for the first time in over a year? And what if they met and realized love was still possible for them both?

Both Dakota James and Ethan Meriweather have given up on finding happiness in a relationship. When they meet in downtown Memphis, neither has romance on the brain. But as the evening unfolds, and small talk turns to the stuff of hopes, dreams, and shared loss, a kinship grows that neither expects.

Before the night is over, though, Dakota’s past will catch up with her in the form of a violent ex-boyfriend. As dawn approaches and tragedy threatens to tear Dakota and Ethan apart, both will have to make a snap decision that could change their lives–forever.

Warning: Mild profanity

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Tied Up, Tied Down by Lorelei James
Genre: Red Hots!, Western Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-064-9
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

The strongest bonds are the ones unseen

Rough Riders series

Businesswoman Skylar Ellison is firmly in control of her life. So getting tangled up with a sexy Wyoming cowboy–and conceiving a baby in the parking lot of a honky-tonk–wasn’t in her plan. Since it appears the daddy has taken off for greener pastures, the only thing to do is pull up her bootstraps and carry on alone.

Cattle rancher Kade McKay returns home after a year on the range, and is knocked for a loop when he learns he’s the father of a three-month-old baby girl. When Skylar refuses to marry him, Kade grits his teeth, moves in and plays house by her rules to prove he’s a man in for the long haul.

Despite Skylar’s insistence they are to remain strictly parenting partners, their old passions flare hot as a brush fire, spurring Kade to demand absolute sexual surrender from the headstrong woman. Skylar willingly submits her body to the hot-blooded cowboy but she’s leery of handing Kade the reins to her heart.

Can Kade convince Skylar the wicked sex games aren’t a temporary distraction? Or will he have to bust out the ropes to show her he wants to be tied to her…forever?

Warning: this book contains: no holes barred kinky sex scenes, wicked rope play, blunt language, and yowza! lots of hot cowboy nekkidness.

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Felicity Stripped Bare by Vanessa Jaye
Genre: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-062-2
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Anne Cain

Just when things are looking up, she falls for the man of her dreams.

It’s been ten years since Felicity skipped out of high school, leaving behind the taunts of “retard”. Things have hardly improved since then. Her job waitressing at a strip club is just one more tick in the “sucks” column of her life. Now she’s signed up for tutoring and her future looks bright…until her hunky new landlord starts wreaking havoc on her libido.

And did he just say, “Evicted”? Not so fast, buddy. She may be dyslexic, but she’s not stupid.

Daniel MacKenzie is this close to achieving his dream of setting up his own renovation company, so he’s not interested in more demands on his time. Not even if one of those demands is a tenant wearing skintight jeans, teetering on four-inch heels and complaining a blue streak with the most kissable mouth on the planet.

Despite his resolve not to mix business with pleasure, Daniel not only teeters, he tumbles head-first into the scorching sexual tension between them.

He’s a man who’s used to getting what he wants, and he’s not above pulling every trick in the book to get–and keep–Felicity in his life. But she’s holding something back.

And he’s afraid it’s her heart.

Warning: Smart women outwitting gorgeous men, hot explicit monkey-lovin’ and some graphic language.

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Utter Cupidity by Toni L. Meilleur
Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-545-4
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Cupid: The ultimate god of love? Or the ultimate cad?

Cupid’s philandering and partying has finally caught up with him, giving the Olympian Council the opening they’ve been waiting for to make the irresponsible god prove he’s still competent in his job. For his punishment, the Council gives Cupid one straightforward assignment–to get a mortal to marry him. In one month.

There are only three rules to this deceptively simple task. Rule #1: The Council chooses the woman. Rule #2: He cannot use any of his natural abilities as a god to seduce her. And the hardest one of them all, Rule #3: He cannot lie to her.

When Brea Saunders is forced to work with a cocky-but-gorgeous art dealer, she can’t get away from the silver-tongued charmer fast enough. No matter how hard he tries, she’s determined never to give her heart to any man, ever again.

It will take all Cupid’s cunning and natural seduction to get the quick-tempered, man-hating, celibate beauty to fall for his charms in so short a time.

If he fails? He will be stripped of his powers–and his immortality.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language.

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Wolfkin by Emily Veinglory
Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 1-60504-066-5
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it Now for 3.15
Cover art by Anne Cain

The man Arun loves is kin to the wolf; but Arun is kin to darkness itself.

Arun is in training to be a priest of the Fire God when he is abruptly plucked from his peaceful studies, bespelled and staked out as bait to capture a monster–a wolfkin. But the wolfkin isn’t quite what Arun expected. He has a name, Trae, and he’s more man than beast. And from their first touch, they are far more than predator and prey to each other.

Instead of killing Arun, Trae spirits him away to the distant city of Shireen. There, on a family plot of land, they should have a good life together. But the spell that a witch cast on Arun is growing stronger, taking over–and it still wants to destroy the wolfkin.

Torn between the power of the spell and his love for Trae, Arun must face the darkness within him–or it will kill them both.

Warning: This title contains some tie-me-down M/M content, spellbinding love and a quest to face down the darkness within.

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