News: Serenity the Bestseller

Serenity has crept into the #4 slot on the My Bookstore and More bestseller list. I thought for sure I’d be at #5 (no complaints there) for the duration of my time on the list but Anne Rainey’s Touching Lace vacated the #4 slot (moved up to #3) and then a few hours later, Serenity took its place.

Serenity and Touching Lace have been climbing the chart together since the beginning. So, I hope Anne’s book gets to #1 just so I can see #2. 🙂

In later news, Serenity lost its “Red Hot” status. When Serenity first released, the genre heading said it was Red Hot and I knew that had to be an error that would be fixed eventually. Well, it got fixed. The thought of Serenity as a Red Hot is mind boggling because if its Red Hot then the other books that contain even more sex would have to be classified as nuclear. ;P

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