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Publication Date: April 8, 2008
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Unmask Me by Kat Bishop
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-60504-010-X
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it Now for 3.15
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

She’s changed everything…but she can’t change the fact she loves him.

After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, aspiring North Carolina fashion designer Ali Whitmore undertakes a major self-transformation. She sheds some weight, spices up her wardrobe and, on a whim, whacks off her shoulder-length hair. But the one thing she can’t seem to leave behind is her lingering love for her ex, Trey Monahan.

Trey’s been miserable since he and Ali split. He freely admits that when she brought up the dreaded “M” word, he panicked and lost the love of his life. Now he wants her back, even if it means turning to their meddlesome friend Beth for help.

Beth does more than help. She lures Ali to Charlotte’s hottest masquerade party, where Ali has a close encounter with a sensual threesome. Then stumbles into a sexy pirate–and discovers how hot unmasking true love can be.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, and hot sexy pirate love!

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Her Wiccan, Wiccan Ways by Traci Hall
Genre: Young Adult

ISBN: 1-59998-910-7
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it Now for 4.05
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Just one spell. Problem solved. How hard can it be?

A Rhiannon Godfrey story.

Rhiannon Godfrey is a psychic prodigy, but her parents don’t see things her way. They think she needs a “normal” high school experience–she wants to stay in trendy Vegas. In the small farming town of Crystal Lake, being Wiccan doesn’t exactly help the Godfreys blend in.

Beyond angry, Rhiannon neglects to inform her parents the farmhouse they just bought is haunted. Instead, she decides to use the resident ghost to prove that she belongs back in Dr. Richards’s Institute of Parapsychology. Not that dispelling ghosts is her area of expertise, but really, how hard can it be?

And then there’s Jared Roberts. Totally hot. For a cowboy, that is. Only problem? He comes with an evil twin sister, the shallow and popular Janet. Janet’s only goal is to make Rhee’s life miserable. So when she and her friends decide it’s time for a little payback, Rhee goes to her mother’s book of spells. Janet needs to be taught a lesson, and what harm can come from a few words?

Just one little spell.

Warning: Read at your own risk! Scary ghosts and magickal moments inside.

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O Fortuna by Edward Morris
Genre: Fantasy-SciFi, Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 1-59998-911-5
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Angela Waters

Luck, be a Lady…

The Arkadia Trilogy, Book 2

Robyn Goodfellow, the former Larry Cresswell, has just deposed the Goblin Queene of Faerie and freed his people from bondage. But he’s unable to face his true parentage or own up to the responsibilities of being a liberator. Robyn returns to Earth, (specifically, Portland, Oregon), and begins living bohemian and trying to pass for human.

His first mistake: Robyn’s rebound girlfriend is an Angel. Specifically, Lucifer’s big sister Alisander, first among the Heavenly Host. History knows her as Fortune, or more recently, Lady Luck. And she’s wanted in Arkadia, for all the right reasons… and some of the wrong ones.

In this sequel to Blood of Eden, follow Robyn back for an even more savage return to Arkadia, in which the question of his own true origins is revealed after a front-lines tour of duty in the war between Heaven and Hell.

Warning, this title contains the following: graphic language, violence.

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Naked Vengeance by Sophia Rae
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Red Hots!

ISBN: 1-59998-909-3
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

To get to the truth, you have to strip away all the layers.

FBI agent Eve Morgan will stop at nothing to find her father’s killer and avenge his death, even posing as a stripper and getting suspended from her job. Her plans are blown all to hell when bullets fly, and she’s rescued by a man who may or may not be on the right side of the law.

Ex-Marine Nick Shaffer knows Eve is trouble the second he lays eyes on her leather-clad body, but he’s been hired to protect her. Nothing will get in his way. Not her sultry looks, his overactive hormones–or the nightmarish guilt from his last mission, in which an innocent man died.

As they get closer to the truth, the danger escalates, and so does the sexual tension. But the secrets they keep from each other could be just as deadly as the killer they hunt.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language, and violence.

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Trust the Night by Sara Saint John
Genre: Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-913-1
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Angela Waters

Bullets won’t bring down this killer. It’ll take a vampire.

Having survived a violent husband, Homicide detective Beth Andrews has no patience for abusers. In her eyes, “Mad Jack” is committing the ultimate abuse against the women of Oklahoma City–murder–and she she’ll stop at nothing to bring him to justice. Even risk her own life.

The sexy “mind scientist” she’s been paired with is a distraction she doesn’t need, but he’s getting under her skin in more ways than one. She spends her days investigating the murders. Nights, discovering Sam.

Criminal psychologist Sam Jordan knows he is two things Beth doesn’t trust: A shrink, and a man. But Beth needs his help more than she knows, because like the killer they hunt, Sam is a vampire. And he’s been pursuing Jack the Ripper for longer than Beth’s been alive.

Revealing himself would do more than destroy her fragile trust. It could make her Mad Jack’s next target.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, violence, a vampire bad guy, a vampire good guy, and love scenes with bite.

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Tempting Adam by Shelli Stevens
Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 1-59998-912-3
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it Now for 4.95
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

The man she wants is the one she must deceive.

Seattle Steam Book 2

Christy Wallace may be a respectable Seattle Spanish teacher, but she’s got a sultry side. She lets it come out to play during the summer, when she moonlights as a Salsa dancing instructor.

Sexy, cowboy Adam wants more time with her than just a fleeting cup of coffee, but she makes it clear that if he wants her, he’ll have to sign up for dance class. Amazingly enough, he does. And Christy finds herself falling for a charming country hick with hands as fast as his feet.

Adam’s no hick, though. He’s the owner of Adam’s Apples, the fastest-growing cider business in eastern Washington. To his own surprise, one night with her has him thinking in terms of forever. That is, until he walks into a restaurant for a family lunch–and finds Christy on the arm of his brother.

Is there a logical explanation? Or is something rotten in Seattle?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, dirty mechanical bull riding, and the violation of blueberries.

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