Pet Peeve: Adrienne Miscategorized

Random post about a random thought that occurs to me off and on at odd intervals. Since the release of Adrienne in 2007, it has been miscategorized on several lists and such. People put it in SciFi Romance. WHY?! Friggin’ why?! I plainly state in the blurb and on my site that the book is FANTASY Romance.

Adrienne (Bron Universe Novel) 150 cover

Once upon a time, someone told me they thought of it as SciFi Romance because I mention alternate Earths and dimensions. Well, if that’s the case, then Favored Dragon’s Release and Kristar should be in SciFi Romance as well, because they have the same exact theme — a person from “this” Earth crossing over to an alternate Earth. All three of them.

But, yet and still, no one miscategorizes those two. So why Adrienne? I never called it SciFi Romance. Samhain Publishing never called it SciFi Romance when it debuted. I sure as hell didn’t list it as SciFi Romance once I re-released it, but people still put it there. I need someone to tell me why. What in that book is tipping it out of Fantasy into SciFi? And if you say the alternate Earths, then I’ll need you to immediately put Favored Dragon’s Release and Kristar in SciFi Romance as well.

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