The Epiphany Happened [Am Writing]

The best feeling in writing, even before typing “The End,” is when all my random scenes start to fit together into a cohesive whole. That’s when plot works itself out. It’s like an epiphany. Suddenly I see how this story actually works.

What I mean by “random scenes” is that I’m a pantser. I write stuff as it comes to me. So I have scene idea notes and some scenes written out in full, even whole chapters. But most of the time, I’m not sure how they fit together. They are just there.

Sometimes, a scene won’t even make it into the book but I just had to write it down. Scenes like those usually help me flesh out a character’s personality or backstory, so it’s not a complete waste.

That said… Deyani has 22,900 words on it now. A secondary love story popped up out of nowhere that just fits, so that’s in there now too. It’s two couples for the price of one. Fun times.

I’m aiming for a maximum of 85,000 words so I can price this title at $3.99. At the same time, I’m tweaking Favored Dragon’s Release to shave off ~22K words to get it down below 85,000 words as well (originally 107K words, currently at 102K words).

Also, the bank account thing got resolved after some false starts.

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