Q&A: Superman or Batman?

I always pick Batman. Well, post Dark Knight Batman. The Bam-Pow Batman of Pre-Dark Knight is one I don’t acknowledge. 😛

It’s not because I think Superman is a boyscout. I have no issues with Superman. He’s cliche because he’s the archetype we used to create superheroes. Therefore he’s not cliche, he’s the original. BUT Batman is dark and brooding. He’s a dark hero bad boy that just needs love. I’m totally in his corner.

What about you? Superman or Batman?

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  1. Superman. I appreciate the idea that despite all his power, his solid upbringing and moral compass make him more ” human”, or closer to the average guy, than Batman often is. This is post-Crisis, mind. There can be a thousand dark, brooding “Lobo”s in the world, preaching the idea that power corrupts, and that everyone is just as weak as you think they are, internally, but Superman remains the best opposition to that sort of cynicism.

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