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New Anthologies in Print
Feral Attraction PRINT Feral Attraction PRINT Anthology
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN 978-1-60504-103-2
Length 216 Pages
Price 12.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Are you ready for a bite…of something hot?

Claiming Their Mate by Paige McKellan

Jules Kingston’s fathers have decided to step down as Leos of the White Sands Pride. As the new Lioness, she’ll needs her own pair of mates. Before settling down to have cubs, though, she wants to spread her wings. Gabriel and Lucas are the only two who make her panties wet–and the last two she would consider as mates.

Gabe and Luke use every trick in the book to convince their woman she belongs with them. And Jules leads them on a merry chase–right into the path of a rival pair of lions.

Rachel’s Totem by Marie Harte

When Rachel arrives in Cougar Falls for a reading of her aunt’s will, she finds in a town where the residents seem more animal than man. The fantastic tales about the Ac-Taw are nothing but folklore. Or are they?

Burke is stunned by his response to Rachel, and even more so when he realizes she’s inherited a destiny to protect those of Ac-Taw blood. This puts her in more danger than she knows, danger that only increases the urgency to mark her as his own.

Warning: Contains explicit sex, graphic language, stubborn men, independent women, ménage a trois, growling and red hot romance between shifters in love.

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Sneak Peak PRINT Sneak Peek PRINT Anthology
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-094-0
Length: 264 Pages
Price: 14.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

A secret club, a taste of the forbidden. Hot men, bold women. Come inside and take a peek, if you dare.

WATCH ME by Shelley Bradley

Shanna York is set to become a dance champion until her partner tangles with scandal and blackmail. With the clock ticking, the last thing she needs is the gorgeous owner of a sex club tempting her with the forbidden. Or maybe that’s the very thing she needs…

Alejandro Diaz has sizzled for Shanna since she first rebuffed him. She’s ambitious and driven…but so is he. When she asks for his assistance to ensnare a voyeuristic blackmailer, Ali helps her stage a bedroom trap. Neither is prepared for scorching passion, the blackmailer’s identity–or the undeniable love between them.

SHOW ME by Jaci Burton

Socialite Janine Bartolino manages her late father’s philanthropic interests, keeping her pastimes above reproach. But when an intriguing man offers her the chance of a lifetime to indulge her every secret fantasy, Janine takes a leap of faith…at great personal risk.

Phillipe “Del” Delacroix knows what Janine wants–a chance to explore the world of voyeurs and exhibitionists. Soon, Janine transforms into a daring and passionate lover, giving Del everything he could ask for. But when something happens that puts Janine’s reputation, her career, all she’s worked for, in jeopardy…Del must prove that loving him is worth the risk.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, ménage a trois, voyeurism, exhibitionism.

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New in Print by Author Name
Serenity PRINT Serenity PRINT by D. Renee Bagby
Genre: Fantasy Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-093-6
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Christine Clavel

Their uneasy alliance could lead to love–if the demon will allow it.

A Gezane Universe Novel

Melchior, King of the Bhresyas, is quickly growing tired of the war between his kind and the humans who view them as demons. He proposes a peace treaty with the most powerful human kingdom. His only stipulation? Once she comes of age, the human queen’s daughter must be his bride.

Serenity has spent her entire life preparing for her role at Melchior’s side. Other women might be frightened, but she embraces her destiny, knowing in her heart that she and Melchior have been twined together by fate.

While he wants cooperation between their two peoples, his union with Serenity cannot and should not lead to love. The more she tries to bring them together, the harder he pushes her away–until she lands in the arms of those who would do her harm.

Love is the answer. But before Melchior admits to his, it may be too late.

Author’s Warning: This title contains cursing, a sociopathic heroine, horny males and copious amounts of gratuitous violence.

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Dangerous PRINT Dangerous PRINT by Monica Burns
Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-121-6
Length: 320 Pages
Price: 16.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Behind the mask lies love–a dangerous and deadly emotion.

Constance Athelson, Viscountess Westbury has a gift she can’t reveal. She sees things others can’t, including the dead. The only thing she can’t see is into the heart of Lucien Blakemore, Earl of Lyndham. After one blissful night in his arms, she knows if she’s ever to win his heart, she must free him from his tortured past.

Lucien Blakemore met the Egyptian goddess Isis at a masked ball, but she vanished into the night before he could learn her real name. It’s just as well, since the Blakemore Curse makes love a dangerous and deadly emotion for him. But the erotic night he spent with his mysterious lover makes him want to throw caution aside-if only for one more night with his masked goddess.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex with a hero whose torment equals that of Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester.

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Dark Prince of Anfall PRINT
Dark Prince of Anfall PRINT by Ciar Cullen

Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-096-7
Length: 232 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

The bad boy Elf of Anfall shifts his way into a Texas Ranger’s heart.

Princes of Anfall Book 2

Prince Senn of Anfall has earned his rep as the player in the family–until one woman, a Great Lander, brings him to his knees. Tara, one of only two gifted shapeshifters left in Anfall, is all Senn craves. Though he could do without her don’t-mess-with-Texas attitude.

A newcomer to Anfall, Tara has a lot on her plate as she hides from her abusive husband, learns the truth of her heritage and deals with the sparks that fly between her and Senn as he helps her explore her shapeshifting gifts.

But before they can give in fully to the mutual temptation, the Spirit has predestined a little more work for the royals of Anfall and their friend Tim Emory. Senn, Tara and their companions Tim and Luke must rescue little brother Palin from a new evil. And the ultimate dysfunctional family must face their inner demons as well.

It’s business as usual in Anfall–sex, misunderstandings, magic, danger and a whole lotta love.

Explicit sex with hot shapeshifting elven princes, graphic language describing the explicit sex with hot shapeshifting elves, ménage a trois (with a hot elf), mild violence, scary evil sorceress.

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Wolf Unbound PRINT Wolf Unbound PRINT by Lauren Dane
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-098-1
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Overshadowed by the rising threat of the werewolf mafia, Ben and Tegan struggle to stand united.

A Cascadia Wolves story.

Werewolf Enforcer Tegan Warden has been alone since the death of her mate four years ago. Until she meets Ben Stoner at a local club and she feels something she thought died inside her. Things move very quickly and she finds herself mated to a human man who’s not altogether sure he wants a forever kind of love with a woman he’s just met.

Ben realizes in short order Tegan is not only worth forever love, but a woman who’ll stand at his side without tolerating anything other than a full partnership.

In the bedroom it’s another story, as Ben has finally found a sexual submissive with a spark, and Tegan a man worthy of her submission. Together they work toward building a permanent relationship even as the specter of danger from the Pellini Group grows in the world of wolves.

All around them, the rising violence threatens the Packs and the only thing they know for certain is one another.

Warning: Naughty language that might get your mouth washed out with soap, domineering alpha males knocked down a few pegs by their women, smoking hot bedroom action including always consensual BDSM type action, werewolf mafia and the violence that loves them.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Aztec Security PRINT Aztec Security PRINT by Jerri Drennen
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
ISBN 978-1-60504-122-3
Length 272 Pages
Price 14.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Love is the most dangerous mission of all…

Inventing the Abbotts
Following the rules has never been agent Ava Stanton’s strong suit. Thorn Abbott isn’t exactly your average agent, either–more like Mr. Computer than James Bond. Until he leaves his desk to join her in operation “Fly to the Spider.”

Now Ava’s seeing a whole new side of Thorn that ignites her passions. And as they dance a dangerous two-step through the Louisiana bayous, it’s difficult to tell who’s the spider and who’s the fly…

Yancy Adams returns determined to prove he’s no traitor–and to get fellow agent Mauve O’Connor out of his head. Seducing an international criminal’s girlfriend should do the trick on both counts.

Mauve not only doesn’t trust her partner, her job is to watch him prove his innocence…or guilt. Except memories of their one night together hold her hostage. As sparks–and bullets–fly, she finds that the most elusive and dangerous thing of all is the truth.

Kent Jameson is content with his free-and-easy life–until he’s sent out on a survival training mission with the agency’s newest recruit. Cadence Fleming didn’t get what she considers the best of the best as a trainer. She’s stuck with a man who reeks of booze and sex and brings out the worst in her.

Then they come across a body, and their training mission becomes a trial by fire. There’s a killer in the Everglades–a he’s hell bent on making them his next victims.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, violence, kick-ass heroines, heroes to die for, high-octane action, run-for-your-life suspense, and hot steamy sex.

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Bloodhunter PRINT Bloodhunter PRINT by Vonna Harper
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN 978-1-60504-086-8
Length 232 Pages
Price 13.00
Cover art by Dawn Seewer

Love lies behind the eyes of a predator.

The longer Dana Mallon studies the magnificent jaguar confined to a nature preserve, the greater her sense that forces beyond her comprehension are at work. Looking into the eyes of the big cat stirs something in her heart and heats the jaguar tattoo on her hip, stimulating visions of a fierce, naked man.

Instead of fleeing the vision’s blatant sexuality, she follows the primal urge of her body into his arms. With his touch, her very existence shifts, and a lifetime of loneliness fades beneath the power of their sexual union.

Nacon is determined to learn how this woman freed him from centuries in limbo. There’s only one way to learn the truth–take her back with him to the past. And force her to embrace the incomprehensible.

Warning: Fangs and claws and great sex!

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Leap of Faith PRINT Leap of Faith PRINT by Arianna Hart
Genre: Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-1-60504-092-9
Length: 224 Pages
Price: 12.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

She can’t fight her way out of a paper bag–but she might just talk him out of his heart.

Dr. Jane Farmer, a marriage and family therapist and the host of a public radio station talk show, likes her life calm, controlled, and on schedule.

But after she accepts a package for her mysterious neighbor, Lex D’Angelo, her well-ordered life goes out the window. Now she’s on the run from gun-toting goons and putting herself in situations her lady-like upbringing never prepared her for.

Former FBI agent Lex D’Angelo can’t believe he’s stuck on a mission with his uptight neighbor. How is he going to solve a case that killed one of his former lovers when he has to rely on a psychologist? What’s she going to do–talk the gun out of the bad guy’s hands?

But as the situation gets more dangerous, Jane shows strength he never expected. Now Lex isn’t so sure that she isn’t the right woman for the job–and his heart.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Aphrodite's Brew PRINT Aphrodite’s Brew PRINT by Delle Jacobs
Genre: Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-085-1
Length: 264 Pages
Price: 14.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

It’s only a restorative tonic for women. So why are the bachelors of the Ton running scared?

The Earl of Vailmont, a confirmed bachelor who laughs at superstition, scoffs at the rumors that a love potion is behind the recent string of improbable marriages, and he vows to expose the charlatan behind the fraud. But when Val meets Sylvia, Lady Ashbroughton, her silver-green eyes set his soul spinning as if he has just encountered a witch.

Sylvia needs no handsome earls prying into her life. If Val learns of her secret trade in potions, she will be ruined and her beloved stepdaughter will be deprived of her Season. Worse, the earl could uncover Sylvia’s most shameful secret–her penchant for handsome men. To ward him off, she protects her fragile heart from unwanted new passion by wearing her family recipe in a locket.

But neither logic nor charms can combat the stubborn love that sweeps them into a whirl of unbridled passion.

And, from somewhere in the mists of time, a forgotten, nameless god is laughing.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex and unexpected bursts of side-splitting humor.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Dance of Seduction PRINT Dance of Seduction PRINT by Elle Kennedy
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-1-60504-089-9
Length 216 Pages
Price 12.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Tracking her was easy. Staying out of her bed–that’s the hard part.

On the run from her past and her overprotective brother, Ellie has had a taste of freedom–and likes it. Nothing can make her go home. Not even when the man she’s always longed for shows up to drag her there. His wicked grins and irresistible dimples won’t work.

But she knows something else about Luke: He doesn’t give up easily. Luckily, Ellie’s not above resorting to naughty tactics. Seduction, she’s certain, will make him so uncomfortable he won’t be able to flee fast enough.

And boy, is it going to be fun.

The last thing Luke expects is for his best friend’s sister to launch an erotic assault. He’ll go along with her sexy games, but he’s sure that when things get too hot, she’ll come to her senses and come home. Except resisting her isn’t as easy as he thought it’d be.

And suddenly he’s wondering if maybe there can be more than one winner in this dance of seduction…

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Dark Sentinel PRINT Dark Sentinel PRINT by Melissa Lopez
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-055-4
Length: 248 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Their love could give him a second chance at life–or condemn her to an eternity of damnation.

A Book of Netherworld

Yanked from his tortured existence in Netherworld and dumped naked in the Louisiana Bayou, Lash could swear he’s died and gone to heaven. Except for the fact that a millennium ago he died a condemned soul, forever barred from Paradise. His new life feels like the next best thing, full of small miracles. Like silence. And ice water. And the company of a beautiful, compassionate woman.

Teva is a woman with a taste for heavy-metal music, an inherited talent for magic, and a trusting heart. She knows nothing about the mysterious stranger she’s taken in, only that he needs her help. And the fact that he’s gorgeous hasn’t escaped her attention. She can’t see Lash as anything other than a sexy, gentle man who soothes her nightmares away.

Then Lash learns the real reason for his reprieve from Netherworld–he’s been sent to corrupt Teva’s soul with sinful pleasures. Starved for tenderness and aching with desire, Lash yearns to accept the loving embrace Teva offers. But he can’t give in to passion without tainting her, condemning her to the horrors of Netherworld.

The ultimate battle between good and evil is brewing, and Lash stands caught in the middle between Teva, who owns his heart–and Satan, who owns his soul.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and graphic violence. Netherworld is a dark, forbidding place.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

A Month from Miami PRINT A Month from Miami PRINT by Barbara Meyers
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
ISBN: 978-1-60504-083-7
Length: 256 Pages
Price: 14.00
Cover art by Vanessa Hawthorne

They told themselves it was only for a month…

Perrish, Florida was supposed to be just an eye-blink for Kaylee Walsh on her way to a glamorous new life in Miami-minus her sleazy ex-boyfriend. She’s not about to let a little car trouble or an empty wallet throw a monkey wrench into her plans. Not even when there’s a handsome mechanic on the other end of that wrench.

Rick Braddock knows better than to give a second glance to a woman with big-city dreams. But getting Kaylee back on the road means car repairs she can’t afford. So he offers a trade. His services for hers. As a babysitter and housekeeper, that is.

They tell themselves it’s only for a month. But as they settle into comfortably domestic days and intensely intimate nights, Rick realizes what a treasure he’s discovered in Kaylee. And for Kaylee, the lure of Miami is losing its shine.

Then Rick discovers a fortune in stolen gems hidden in her gas tank. Is Kaylee the woman he thought she was-or is she taking him for a ride?

Warning: This title contains blowing and swallowing (of bubble gum), engines overheating with sexual tension, and explicit love scenes featuring superior handling and mind-blowing torque.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Diving in Deep PRINT Diving in Deep PRINT by K. A. Mitchell
Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN: 978-1-60504-090-5
Length: 208 Pages
Price: 12.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

You never forget your first time.

Cameron Lewis loves his job as an instructor/trainer for a water safety firm that inspects water parks. He gets to travel from March through September, always moving on to something different. When a strange emptiness starts plaguing him, he chalks it up to turning thirty.

He manages to shake off the feeling–until he walks into a classroom and discovers that the eye candy in the front row is actually a very grown up version of his best-friend’s kid brother.

Noah Winthrop never forgot his first time. Scary, painful and then absolutely amazing–and with Cameron, the guy he’d always wanted. He’s had a crush on his brother’s best friend since puberty and now nothing will keep him from finally getting Cameron Lewis to notice him.

Even though Cameron once rejected him, Noah is determined to get it right this time.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit male/male sex, graphic language, and mild Dominant/submissive action

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Crossing Swords PRINT Crossing Swords PRINT by Kirsten Saell
Genre: Fantasy Romance, Red Hots!
ISBN 978-1-60504-088-2
Length 224 Pages
Price 12.00
Cover art by Christine Clavel

One duel. Easy money. Then Gil fell for his opponent.

A straight duel to the death. A professional opponent who’s paying him to win. This was going to be the easiest money Gil had ever earned. Except he never counted on his opponent being a woman. And he never counted on falling for her.

After avenging the brutal murder of her lover, all Lianon wants is to die a clean death. Too bad the man she hired doesn’t do women, and he’s furious over her deception. Not only does he renege on their contract, he has the gall to lock her up in his apartment–naked, no less!–to punish her for her ruse.

If she could just get her mind out of the gutter, she’d cut him a new smile. But ever since he saw through her boy’s clothes, all she can think about is getting him naked, too.

But just when she’s found something to live for, the father of her lover’s murderer surfaces. He wants Lianon to die screaming–and he’s all too happy to take Gil down with her.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, including f/f; bad language; violence; bland, rubbery veal; a little sexual healing.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Devils on Horseback - Jake PRINT Devils on Horseback – Jake PRINT by Beth Williamson
Genre: Historical Romance, Western Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-091-2
Length: 232 Pages
Price: 13.00
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

Haunted by war, a thief finds salvation in the arms of an angel.

Devils on Horseback, Book Two

On the surface, Jake Sheridan is an easygoing man whose problems roll off him like water off a duck’s back. Truth is, Jake holds so many past demons inside him, he daren’t let them out for fear he’ll never get them all back in.

He and the Devils are hired to help rebuild a town ransacked by marauders. Everywhere they turn, they encounter secrets–enough secrets to turn the town to dust if they don’t uncover the truth.

Only one person in town isn’t glad to see them: Gabrielle Rinaldi, the miller’s daughter. A strong and independent woman who is used to being disrespected for speaking her mind, she makes no secret that she doesn’t believe hired guns are the answer to the town’s woes. Yet she finds herself drawn to the enigmatic and charming Jake.

In spite of himself, Jake falls hard and fast for Gabby. But she’s wary of handing her heart to a man who lives by his guns.

When tragedy strikes, Jake and Gabby must fight to find a way to save the town–and their hearts.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, violence.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

Anything But Mine PRINT Anything But Mine PRINT by Linda Winfree
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-084-4
Length: 288 Pages
Price: 15.00
Cover art by Anne Cain

Will her need to do the right thing cost them everything?

Book Four of the Hearts of the South series.

Public Defender Autry Holton, honor-bound to defend an accused serial killer, is in a “shunned if she does, disbarred if she doesn’t” position. To complicate matters, she’s pregnant and hasn’t yet told her ex-lover he’s the father. The reason? She’s pretty sure he won’t want the baby.

After raising one family and suffering a failed marriage, Sheriff Stanton Reed never believed he was the right man for Autry. Then an attempted break-in at Autry’s home highlights the real danger she faces, and all he can think of is protecting her. When she tells him the truth about their baby, the past doesn’t matter. He wants both her and their child in his life.

But just as Autry dares to hope there’s a future for them, an act of homegrown terrorism shatters her trust–and threatens their lives.

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, language, violence.

Read An Excerpt and Order Online Here

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