RT Con Advice #3: Carolan Ivey

Fellow Samhellion Carolan Ivey (who was also with me at the Romance Junkies Chat at the beginning of January) has two blogs worth of info. They are equal parts hilarious and informative.

Thirteen Things You Can’t Live Without at RT

1. No fear of crowds. If you’re claustrophobic, get in shape for using the stairs because the elevators will be packed!

2. Items to make your room as much of a peaceful sanctuary as possible: Music, candles, ear plugs, aromatherapy eye mask, your favorite comfort tea or coffee, your own pillow, bunny slippers, etc.

3. Food – Bring your own, because you can never depend on finding decent food at the hotel. Or, even if they do have a good restaurant or two on premises, you may not get a table.

Read the full list

13 Clues (plus a few more) You Might be an RT Veteran

  • (If flying…) You have one suitcase for promo, one suitcase for costumes, and no room for regular clothes.
  • Your carry-on bag is stuffed with healthy snacks, because from past experience you know after three days of all-chocolate-all-the-time, you’ll be desperate for a piece of fresh fruit.
  • (If driving…) You bargain with your long-suffering husband to remove both rear bench seats out of the back of the van, and you still worry there won’t be enough room for all your promo.
  • Read the full list

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