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Publication Date: February 10, 2009
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Blood Pool by B. Ella Donna
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60504-382-1
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it today for 4.95
Cover art by Anne Cain

Immortals do it forever.

Raven Strigoi has the perfect job. The daughter of Tobias, a powerful Lamai vampire, she’s a natural fit as medical examiner for the magical island community of Mirabelle Cove. As the enclave of preternatural beings prepares for dark hibernation, Raven looks forward to spending more time with Bo, her destined mate. Instead of peace, autumn brings with it an undercurrent of evil.

Detective and Native American shapeshifter Bo Wasake can vouch for the fact Raven is no slouch in the brains and beauty category. He’s loved her since the day they met. Now their happiness is threatened by a sorcerer known as Courtier de Sang. De Sang’s viral vendetta can’t touch Tobias, but targets what Tobias loves most–his family.

Raven fights desperately to keep the epidemic contained, but the recombinant virus has mutated and jumped species–to Bo.

And time is running out.

Warning: Hot, hot, hot! Contains steamy immortal sex hot enough to boil your lobster. Reader beware–also contains a scene depicting rape.

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They Call Me Death by Missy Jane
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-387-6
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it today for 4.05
Cover art by Anne Cain

Humans are no longer at the top of the food chain…

My name is Alexia Williams. In my world, North America is divided between north and south–but not the way it’s taught in the history books.

After losing my family to the shifters, I joined the Combined Human States Army. Now I find myself on the front lines, defending the wall between my species and theirs. My mission is simple: keep the animals on their side by whatever means necessary–and I’m good at it. I don’t talk to them. I don’t sympathize with them. I sure as hell don’t admire them…until one saves my life.

Andor isn’t like any shifter I’ve ever met. He’s a three-hundred-year-old golden eagle asking for help finding missing shifters who may be in my lands. I just have to decide between helping the animals or ignoring signs that my fellow humans aren’t what I thought they were. But how can I help a species I hate and fear? Even if Andor makes me feel alive again?

In the land of the shifters…they call me Death.

Warning! If you are easily intimidated by kick-ass heroines who can hold their own against shapeshifting alpha males and bring them to their knees, this book is not for you!

Read excerpts or buy by clicking on the book covers! by MK Mancos
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Comedy

ISBN: 978-1-60504-384-5
Length: Novella
Price: 3.50 Get it today for 3.15
Cover art by Natalie Winters

She can match anyone. Except the man she can’t resist.

A Tickle My Fantasy story.

Dating in today’s world is tough enough. Pair it with a paranormalady, and Lucille Wainwright is living the recipe for loneliness. Born a talentless witch in a family of legendary spellcasters, she’s managed to carve a niche for herself with, a matchmaking service for paranormal beings.

What she lacks in the magic department, she more than makes up for with her uncanny ability to conjure committed relationships out of any combination of traits and backgrounds. Until now.

Enter Jager Cronus, deposed king of the Titans and successful paratrader. As a client, he’s a nightmare. As a man, he’s irresistible. When he demands a date with her to the annual Legion Halloween Dance, she’s hard pressed to refuse. With her professional ethics warring with a deep need to prove herself, she gives him two more chances to find love.

That’s all the opening Jager needs. After all, he didn’t survive his downfall without learning a few things about prevailing in the face of the stiffest negotiations.

Now he’s about to negotiate the deal of a lifetime–a future with Lucilla.

Warning: Contains inter-species romance, love potions, fallen Greek Gods, super-morphing wizards, and a male strip-tease.

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Ship of Dreams by Reilly Ryan
Genre: Gay-Lesbian Romance, Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60504-385-2
Length: Category
Price: 4.50 Get it today for 4.05
Cover art by Natalie Winters

An attraction fated to go down in history…if they survive.

Liar. Thief. Con man. James Hyde keeps these labels well hidden under the veneer of a high-class gambler. He knows how to charm his way to where the money is, and right now it’s aboard the world’s most luxurious ship, ripe for the taking. From the moment he locks eyes with Will Woods, though, James is tempted. Tempted, for once, to be the kind of man that another can trust with his heart.

Will is sailing toward everything he’s ever wanted: marriage and family. His instant attraction to James is a complete surprise–and too powerful to ignore. In his arms, Will rediscovers passion he’s kept long buried. And it tempts him to abandon the safety of wealth and position. Perhaps even his family’s good graces. All for James–a man who is only now beginning to understand the meaning of honor.

Then there’s the last obstacle standing in their way. Their ship of dreams…is the Titanic.

Warning: Contains explicit m/m sex in darkrooms, staterooms and steam rooms. Cameo appearance by a large, threatening iceberg.

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Starjacked by Karin Shah
Genre: Romantic SciFi-Futuristic

ISBN: 978-1-60504-386-9
Length: Novel
Price: 5.50 Get it today for 4.95
Cover art by Scott Carpenter

With the fate of the galaxy at risk, love may not be enough…

In the lawless fringes of deep space, pirate Tia Sen has a rep for being hard as plascrete, tough as Amalan leather, and as strong as she is beautiful. She also has a secret that courts death: For years she has been freeing enslaved children. Stepping in to rescue a valiant mechanic from a near-fatal beating risks more than her life. Thanks to her traitorous heart, her web of lies is in danger of unraveling.

Undercover operative Rork Al’Ren is no stranger to lies. Emotionally scarred by the murders of his wife and unborn child, he wants nothing more than to eradicate every bit of pirate scum in the galaxy. Then his mission goes sour, and he finds himself Tia’s personal slave–and falling in love with the very pirate he’s sworn to destroy.

Yet love is a luxury he can’t afford. Tia possesses a powerful new weapon that could overwhelm the Union of Planets and plunge the galaxy into war.

If Rork can’t convince her to surrender it, he may have to break her trust–and her heart.

Warning: This title contains sensual love scenes and kick-ass, nail-biting action. May cause reckless behavior, lapses into daydreams, belief in happily-ever-afters, and is certainly habit-forming.

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