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Danielle Devon let me post my book signing rant on her blog, Minding the Muse.


Book Signing: Annapolis Borders, 07 Feb 2009

Before I start off this retelling of events that took place on Saturday, 07 February 2009, I would just like it to be noted that if there is a way to get lost going someplace, I will be sure to find it. Without fail or a doubt, lost is the one thing I will do if given directions and a new locale to find.

To make the situation even sadder, I have visited Annapolis Mall a handful of times before and should—by all rights—know my way there. But, I did in fact get lost. I blame Yahoo maps partially because their directions did not indicate a left or right turn—though a right turn was all I could make—and I drove for two miles before I realized I was going the wrong way down MD-450.

So, while I had planned to be first on the scene a little before one—since the signing started at two—I ended up being fourth. First on the scene was Stephanie “Flash” Burke and her lovely husband Dennis. They wrangled up a second table so we could spread out and some chairs, which I appreciated because after working an eight-hour shift at my night job there was no way I would be standing for long.


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