Saturday Sound Off: Alien Romance

This Saturday’s Sound Off theme is Alien Romance. Your title has to be Romance, first off. And second it has to involve men (or women or what have you) from outer space as one of the main characters.

Put your info in the comment section of this post (and only this post).

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I’ll start you off with a title by a good friend of mine:

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey by Ashlynn Monroe
Author- Ashlynn Monroe

Title- Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey

Genre- Erotic SciFi Christmas Ménage Romance

Betty Jean never expected to spend Christmas Eve with the sexiest circus ringmaster in the galaxy.

Nothing exciting ever happens on the family farm, so Betty doesn’t expect anything unusual when she’s home alone on Christmas Eve — until the most horrendous sound brings her out into the snow. What she finds makes her doubt her sanity.

Betty Jean never expected to spend her Christmas Eve searching for three tiny alien tumblers with the sexiest ringmaster in the galaxy. This was so not a typical afternoon in Iowa. The universe — and Christmas dinner — are depending on her!

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I look forward to seeing what gets posted. 😀


  1. Author- Cheryl Dragon
    Title- Christmas in Dreamland (7th Kind Series Book 1)
    Genre- Menage Sci fi Erotic Christmas Romance

    Blurb: Dr. Meg Lyle is a classic geek working on a top secret project deep within a military research base. Being stuck on a project over the holidays sucks, but when three hot members of security make her dreams come true, she knows there’s more to their story than they’re revealing. Are these sexy military studs men in black or aliens? The truth may throw her ordered life into disarray, but either way, Meg’s sex life is now out of the world!


    Available at BN, Amazon, ARe:)

  2. Thank you! I love the Christmas themed alien stories; I will have to check these out. Here's one of mine. Not quite Christmas, but alien nonetheless. 🙂

    Author- Ayla Ruse
    Title- Soulless (Malathix Soul Book 1)
    Genre- Dark Fantasy, Erotic, Futuristic, Sci Fi

    Blurb: Space Lord Theradon, of the merchant planet Malathix, lives on the edge of a darkness that threatens every human around him. He must find the piece of him that's missing or face his demise.

    Laya Brummel unknowingly carries within herself the means to his survival. If only she would stay still long enough for him to explain. But she's seen the horror of what a Malathix alien can become, and fear keeps her constantly running away from him.

    When the pair finally comes face-to-face, will it be too late to stop the death and destruction, or will they find something deeper to hold them together and save them both?

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    Also available at Amazon, B&N and ARe

  3. Author-

    Title: House of the Cat

    Genre: sci-fi, erotic, shapeshifter, romance

    Blurb: Two brothers slugging it out, an alien world and a hell-horse…

    Jockey Camryn O’Sullivan is an alcoholic on a downward spiral after the death of her husband. When aliens kidnap her, she’s both terrified and reluctantly fascinated by Ryman Coppersmith. She’s positive the weird attraction is an anomaly. Something to ignore. She’ll train the aliens’ horse and they’ll return her home. Simple. There’s no need for sex or a stubborn male kitty-cat to replace the precious memories of her husband.

    Murder. Betrayal. Banishment. Feline shifter Ry has experienced them all. When his foster brother—the man who betrayed him—proposes a wager, the lure to clear his name is irresistible.

    Camryn’s arrival triggers a jump in his already overactive sex drive. It’s a struggle to keep his hands off. Something in his mysterious feline background compels him to chase her and the passion firing between them soars out of control. Ry doesn’t understand the mechanics of their attraction but knows he can’t afford to lose Camryn…despite his promise to return her home.

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    Thanks, Renee!

  4. Author – Jessica E. Subject

    Title – Satin Sheets in Space

    Genre – Erotic Sci-Fi Romance, MFM ménage

    Blurb – Danyka’s unusual height and radiant red hair earn her the cold shoulder from any guy she approaches, unless he wants to experiment with a giant. So when her boss sets up on a one night stand, she hopes for a prince but expects the usual toad.

    As a captivating stranger whisks her away from the ball and introduces her to his equally gorgeous brother, she fears her fantasies have become a nightmare. Has she finally given into impulse only to become a lab rat in an unknown world?

    Buy Link – Decadent Publishing, Amazon

    Also available at most ebook retailers.

  5. Thanks Renee!

    Author: Sam Cheever

    Title: Riding the Pulse

    Genre: Sci-Fi Romance


    Marissa O’Neill and Jurden Bailey share a past which they don’t remember, though it’s haunted their dreams for a decade. In their teens, they encountered something powerful in a cave in Mexico, and it changed them forever. But it isn’t until they meet again, years later that they realize just how much they’ve changed.

    Suddenly they have these powers—super powers—and they don’t know how they’re supposed to use them or why they have them. All they know is that sex seems to trigger the power and enhance it. And that’s one trigger they’re happy to explore.

    But something alien and terrifying is trying to kill them and it won’t give up until it gets what they don’t even know they have—the single remaining object that can tie an advanced, alien race to much of Earth’s history.

    If only Rissa weren’t so distracted by the things Jurden’s vibrating finger can do!

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