Slightly Derailed [Was Writing]

My ideal writing time is right after I wake up. My mind is fresh and alert and usually rested. Creativity flows in those conditions, which means I can put down a lot of words… so long as life doesn’t do anything to derail me. Like today.

Today was an errands day, which meant setting my alarm for a descent time so I could get things done. I was slightly delayed because I had to write out a quick scene. Or it should have been quick. It turned into ~500 words that took about a half hour to write, throwing me a little behind schedule to get stuff done.

Then it was off to the bank to find out why they wouldn’t accept my deposit. What should have been a quick in-and-out to clear up a misunderstanding turned into a giant headache that pissed me off. Nothing pisses me off faster than messing with my money.

My bank has been accepting my checks for deposit since moving to HI back in October 2016. Now, all of sudden, they can’t deposit it because it can only go into a business account. Now, if they had said, “Hey, the rules have changed. Sorry about that.” I would have taken it in stride and been okay. But I had two separate people try to tell me they never deposited checks like mine in savings accounts even though their records clearly showed they had.

Hel-fucking-lo!! I’ve been depositing these checks into this bank for two fucking years! Each of them cleared! But all of a sudden, no, they can’t take it until I open a business account. ARGH!!

So yeah. Pissed off. Highly pissed off. I have to get an EIN so I can open a business checking account so I can have access to my money. Which all of that would have been fine, annoying but fine, if they hadn’t tried to gaslight me first.

I’ve filled out the EIN application, which has to go through snail mail because the online application doesn’t like me (figures). However many days for the letter to get to its destination, another however many days to mail back the number, and then going back to that same branch (wish I could skip it but the next closest is 20 miles away) to open the business account so I can finally deposit my check.

Despite how pissed off this entire situation has made me, I still managed to put another 1,323 words on Deyani, for a grand total of (at the time of writing this post) 1,803 words. I’ll probably write a little more just to finish out this scene, but I count this as a slow day. If not for this derailment, I could have written an entire 3000+ word chapter instead of part of a scene.

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