There Be Dragons! [Cover Art]

For my first official report about book progress on Deyani (shortened title and name of the heroine), let’s talk about cover art. It’s as important as the story itself. I’m happy to report that DepositPhotos selection of dragon art has vastly improved.

Parchment Dragon

Some might ask why I’m thinking about cover art when the story isn’t even written yet. Here’s the thing, I’m thinking about all aspects of this book no matter where I am in the writing process. I can’t wait until I’m finished with the story to think about the cover or else that’ll delay the release while I search for an artist and the images and so on.

It’s better to have all that info in hand and ready to go the moment the book is finished so I can submit my request when I have the final print page count figured out. Print page count is important for creating the print cover.

Thus far, I’ve found possible dragon images that I love on DepositPhoto. Not showing those just because I might change my mind. And I’ve found the artist I want to make my cover happen: Art by Karri. The Before & After section of her website was what sold me. Plus, $350 is a great price for the ebook and print cover.

Now I just need to find my heroine. Since I’ve decided to go with a solo-person cover instead of a couple in a romantic embrace, I shouldn’t run into the usual pitfalls. Don’t get me started on how hard it is to find a bwwm interracial picture of couple in an embrace who don’t appear as if they’re in a toothpaste ad. Though if you want to hear that conversation, I talked about it in an interview during RAGT 2018.

Just a head’s up… While I do plan to give updates about book progress here and post snippets to my newsletter, they won’t be on any set schedule or in any way regular. So, I can’t say “check back here every Monday for news” because that won’t happen. I’ll post as news happens.

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