Snow + Shoveling = Exhausted

Okay, so I dug myself out. I’d say there was about 6-8 inches out there. It was higher than that at one point, but it compressed by the time I got out there. All the streets are drenched with melting snow that will re-freeze tonight thus making a lovely sheet of ice beneath the snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow. Fun. Fun.

I managed to get myself to the post office to mail off my contest entry for Holt Medallion and out to the Wally World for some supplies. Nothing really that major, but I figured since I was already out I might as well. 😛

After all of that, I am wiped out. Keep in mind that I’ve been up since 8pm last night. For some strange reason, despite not having to work nights, I’m still on a sleep-days-awake-nights schedule. I think I just prefer it. Everything is quieter at night. I can concentrate better.

My last two or three nights have been spent concentrating on a stupid widget when I should have been writing. You can see my handiwork here. If that link doesn’t work, the widget is also on my site. Let me know what you think.

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