Snow + Lightning = Bad

Well, here in MD, we’re being snowed on. It’s been snowing off and on all day. I just saw lightning about twenty minutes ago. Lightning in the middle of winter is never a good thing.

My street is buried. Everything is white. There has to be at least twelve inches out there (give or take an inch or two). And normally this wouldn’t even be a blip on my radar since I’m not working outside of the home any longer, but I have stuff I have to mail out. There’s a literary contest with a deadline of 30 January that I really want to enter.

Hopefully tomorrow will look better, and I can drive up to the post office real quick.


  1. We also had lightning last night. I'm in western Maryland and suffice it to say, I'm not getting out my driveway any time soon. We have 10.5 inches (measured on the hood of my car), and tree limbs down everywhere. Last night between 8 and 9, we had the weird blue lightning. Very freaky.

  2. KC – I wasn't paying attention to the color so much as freaking out that it was happening at all. This is the third time I've witnessed this phenomena (twice in MD and once in VA), and it never means anything good.

    Jenn – It's not supposed to. That's the rub. Winter is supposed to be too cold to produce thunderhead clouds. So seeing lightning in the middle of a snow storm means the weather has gone screwy and badness is coming if it isn't already there.

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