THANK YOU! (RT Con 2010 follow-up)

I wanted to take a moment (after somewhat recouping from the Romantic Time BOOKlovers Convention in Columbus, OH) to thank everyone who helped to make the Spoonful of Frivolity party hosted by myself, Stephanie “Flash” Burke, Camille Anthony, and Dana Marie Bell such a HUGE success. It was the talk of the convention and there are pics all over facebook of the event (thanks so much for that, Kate Douglas).

I have a list below of the contributing authors. I know the list is not complete because some people hand-carried stuff and everything was too hectic for me to keep track properly. I apologize for that and I’m sorry if I missed listing you and you did contribute. Just comment on the blog post so you get proper credit too. 😀

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to Charles Paz (Mr. Romance 2009), Franco D’Angelo (runner-up 2010), and DeLonn Donovan for attending the party and for contributing to the prize totes. I know the ladies who won appreciate those signed tees and head shots. The guys were a huge hit wearing tank tees two sizes too small (Flash did that on purpose, guys) and letting women tear those tees from their muscled physiques. (Hey, if anyone got a pic of the various tearings, I would love to see it.) You guys made the party and I totally appreciate you fitting us into your busy schedules. So I’m passing out HUGE cyber-hugs all around.

To PJ and Marilu Mann (I know this is two people ;P) and all the others who were scrambling and helping us set up before the event, your help was very much appreciated. You got us going on time and that was really great of you all. So thank you, thank you. I couldn’t have gotten the bags stuffed and ready without you all.

To all of the readers and authors who attended the event, thank you so much for showing up. We had guesstimated 50 and had prepared for 50. I think there was close to 100 with standing room only. The energy you all gave off was a huge rush and kept me going through the rest of the day (though it did wear off and I crashed before the EC Red party, so I ended up sleeping through that but it’s all good). I and the others wanted everyone to have a good time and I think that happened. So thank you all for having a good time. And I know some of you took lots of pics. Please feel free to share them.

To Dakota Cassidy and the other ladies in her event (the one that followed ours, sorry for not knowing the name), I apologize for our party running over. We got so into it that we totally lost track of time. It looked like your event was a huge hit too.

Thanks to Stephanie “Flash” Burke for the absolutely GORGEOUS hats she made for “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” first line contest. I got pics of them all (with someone else’s camera). You’ll have to wait for Camille Anthony to load them all to see these amazing hats she created.

HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to Judith Rochelle (awa Desiree Holt) for all that she did (she knows what that was). It was great meeting you, lady. I hope to see you again. If you’re ever in Baltimore, MD area, you have to hang out with me and Flash.

Below is the list of authors who contributed books for the prizes and/or promotional items for the goody bags. As I already said, if I missed your name, please feel free to leave a comment on the blog so you get proper credit because this event wouldn’t have been as much of a success without the prizes and goody bags.

(No particular order):

Cindy Pape
Tara Nina
LaVerne Thompson
Barbara Monajem
Amanda Young
Elysa Hendricks
Giselle Renarde
Beth Caudill
Sandrine O’Shea
JoAnn Smith Ainsworth
Liz Fielding
Debra Parmley
Leanna Renee Hieber
Margaret L.Carter
Sheniqua Waters
Jean Marie Ward
Avery Beck
TJ Michaels
Hywela Lyn
Saskia Walker
Teresa Noelle Roberts
Michele Hart
NJ Walters
Elizabth Amber
Renee Wildes
Liz Kreger
Heidi Betts
Vanessa Kelly
Anne Kane
Helen Scott Taylor
Michelle Hauf
Tory Richards
Debbie Wallace
Nancy Haddock
Kris Kennedy
Linda Barrett
Vonna Harper
Laura Bickle
Anne Marsh
Lynnette Hallberg
Kimberly Lang
Judi Fennell
Linda Robertson
JL Wilson
Marcia Colette
Margaret Mallory
Farrah Rochon
D. McEntire
Christyne Butler
Chelle Cordero
Collin Kelly
Jane Toombs
Kay Stockham
Marcia James
Kate Pearce
Jackie Ivie
Nina Pierce
Beth Henderson
Susan Lyons
Patricia Sargeant
Carolan Ivey
Karen Wiesner
Allison Brennan
Alexis Fleming
Kate Douglas
Nicole Austin
Monica Burns
JoAnn Ross
Tilly Greene
Christine McKay
Desiree Holt / Judith Rochelle

To the contributing authors, just so you know, Flash and I have the practice of not throwing away promo. If you send it to one of us, we will find some way to give it to potential readers. For those who sent more than the 50 requested, I’ll be taking the extra to Lori Foster’s Get Together and handing it out there.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who contributed, helped, attended, and/or just sent happy thoughts. I had a great time at the party.



  1. It was so much fun to participate and I'm so glad I could be of help.

    You and Dana and Flash were great!

    Anytime you need a lackey for a future panel, please don't hesitate to give me a call. 🙂

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