Title! (And Writing Update)

I knew it would come to me if I just stewed on it for a little while. “Baby” now has a title.

Contractually Bound Love

It speaks to the entire theme of the book and goes great with the cover idea I have. I’m a happy Renee now. I’ll be even happier when the last two chapters come together. Believe it or not, I had finished yesterday… well almost.

I had everything written except the closing paragraph. I just couldn’t figure out how to end the book. I put it aside so I could take my shower and get ready for bed (work night). As usual, the shower helped me think (ahhh relaxing hot water) and I decided I didn’t like the last two chapters… actually the last chapter and a half, so I killed them.

Not to worry, not to worry. I killed them but I replaced them with something I like a whole lot better. I have it all mapped out in my head and thanks to some help from Flash and her knowledge of labor and delivery (she used to intern), I now have a better picture of how the ending will look.

I’m off to take another relaxing shower and then get some writing in before I head off to sleepy land. Yes, I work tonight too.

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