Votes Are In! Next Up…

The votes are in and the readers have chosen my next book to finish and publish. What vote, you may ask?

Yeah… About that. I told my newsletter subscribers. I told my Facebook followers. But I kind of… sort of… may have forgotten to post about it on my website. To be fair, I also forgot to post about it on Twitter. So that was an equal opportunity miss. 😛

Suffice to say, there was a vote that was open for two weeks. Readers weighed in on which title I should publish next because I was having issues deciding on my own. There are a lot of ideas on my computer in various stages of completion, and trying to write them all meant none of them were getting finished.

No longer. The readers have spoken!

Reader Vote Results Sep 2018

39.5% – Abarrane Universe Book 2 (next dragon story)
31.6% – Alien Mate ?? (Shanti’s story)
21.1% – Eternal Truths Book 2 (Death’s story)
7.8% – Re-release of Pet’s Pleasure

The next story coming soon is Shifter Dragon’s Bride: Deyani (Abarrane Universe Book 2)!

(Note: Title is subject to change.)

Along with this new release will be the re-release of Favored Dragon’s Release (Abarrane Universe Book 1). I’ll be getting the rights back, re-editing, re-covering, and then re-releasing it prior to the release of Book 2.

At this point, I’m aiming for a January 2019 release, but February or March is more realistic, given the time needed to do edits. You won’t be all out to sea though. I plan to do regular updates right here about my progress. Newsletter subscribers will get snippets (hint hint JOIN hint hint).

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