Writing Advice: Carve Out Time

When it comes to writing and finishing books, you don’t make time. You don’t get time. You don’t fit it in some time. You CARVE out time. You draw your line in the sand and stand your ground.

Life happens. You can’t stop life from happening, but not all life has to happen to you every second of every day. Even if it’s fifteen minutes to write a few words, TAKE that time and make a point of taking it every single day.

Stare life in the face (and everyone else) and tell them point blank that this empty space you created is your writing time. Make them honor and respect that. It’s hard at first. People (you included) will need to adapt. Once it becomes familiar, once you enforce it enough, the time you carved out becomes a part of your regular schedule.

It’s okay to miss it once in a long while or even take a break from your writing. But realize that taking a break or missing your writing date is NOT a normal part of your schedule. Writing should be as much a part of your NORMAL schedule as the morning cup of coffee (if you drink it, I don’t) or waking at a certain time. Your writing should never turn into something you have to make time for or something you get around to.

This is the career you’ve chosen. You chose it because you have stories to tell and you want to share those stories with others. Carve out your time so you can achieve your goal.

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