Writing Update: 19 October

– WRITING (12 October): I flipped from my bounty hunter story over to my BDSM adult fairytale. I decided to change the name to more accurately reflect which fairytale I was “updating,” which also meant changing a few things in the story itself. This is one of those “do it while you’re thinking about it” things, so I worked on that today. I put down 5217 words on it. Except for the sex scenes, it’s pretty much finished. But that’s gotta wait while I head back to my bounty hunter story. Yes, I do jump around like this all the time.

– PLOTTING (14 October AM): I just spent the better part of early morning (haven’t gone to bed yet) plotting MAJOR naughtiness for a series of Razor’s Edge Press short stories. Mostly quick notes and how I want the stories to progress. The stories are about one central main character and her wacky office hijinks spread (*snicker*) over eight installments. This spawned from the first flash fiction theme (after the revival) over at Changeling Press. You can read mine and other shorts from that first theme on the blog. Note: You do have to be a member of Changeling Press’s Yahoo group to read the flashes, but they are TOTALLY worth it. 😀

I had originally planned to do one quick Razor’s Edge story and then that spawned into two… sort of. I had an idea for a second that was related to the first, but I don’t think my muse liked it too much since I never got back to it. The muse totally likes this new idea though. So I’m going with it… but not quite yet. It’s all written down so I can get back to focusing on the bounty hunter story.

– WRITING (14 October PM): So I was wrong. The muse wanted to work on the Razor’s Edge short stories I have planned. One of them anyway. 3490 words and the first installment of the eight book series is finished. I plan to get them all finished before I hand them over to my editor. And I probably won’t be writing at all tomorrow (Monday) since I have a guest coming over and need to get the house situated.

– PLOTTING & WRITING (16 October AM): I am such a bad baby. I got a second wind right when I was about to go to bed and ended up putting 613 words on the next in the eight book series of short stories I have planned for Razor’s Edge. And this was after doing a quick write up for a sequel to Taking It Back (I need to come up with a title that matches). Several people mentioned wanting a story for Haruto and I couldn’t think of anything until Tiffanie told me some real life stories about her recent adventures in dating that gave me inspiration. I swear I could listen to her talk about her life all day. Great fodder for stories. She’s the one who inspired I Need an F, one of the Razor’s Edge shorts I finished in July when she was last in Hawaii. She laughs when I say that but I am totally using some of the stuff she told me (with permission). So yet another story is added to my to-be-written pile.

– WRITING (17 October): In the early AM, I did some writing. How much? I have no clue because I didn’t keep track. It was on a Razor’s edge story. I know I put a substantial amount on it. I also know I was near the end of my mental rope and stuff wasn’t flowing quite right. I’ll probably go back and edit out most of it (and/or rewrite huge chunks). So I did write but it might not have been viable writing. When I go back and check, I’ll know for sure.

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