Writing Update: 01 March 2013

And this is what happens when I have a screwy writing schedule…

22 Feb (Fri) – No I’m not repeating the end of last week’s post. I did my word count, went to bed, got up, wrote some more and now have a new word count but for the same day. 😛

The overall total is 7,482 words today, but not all that was on one story. I put 6,814 words on the Erotica piece I’m working on. I also put 78 words on one sequel to that Erotica piece (remember I mentioned it would be a series) and 590 words on another sequel. I had two ideas pop into my head and I wanted to get them down. Once I finish Book 1 (still need to figure out a title and character names for that matter), I’ll be jumping into Book 2, which is the one sequel I put 78 words on.

After all that writing, I am spent. Hopefully one or two more days and I’ll be done with this book. Then it’s off to my editor to see if she likes it.

23 Feb (Sat) – I started writing and then went out with the hubby to his friend’s promotion party. I knew I would be writing more when I got home, BUT I also knew that word count would go into Sunday. So for today (today-today, not part of yesterday too) my word count total is 2,309 words.

While I do plan to write more (once I’m done typing this installment of the update), I know it won’t be for long because I’m coming down with a head cold. This is the worst time for me to get sick (not there’s a good time). I’m trying to finish this story before I lose my momentum.

I’m also trying to finish before the end of the month so I can get my judging responsibilities out of the way. The scores are due on 07 March and I have seven books to read. It won’t take me long but I would rather read them AFTER I’m done with my story so I don’t fall out of the storyline. It’s a writer thing. Don’t worry if you don’t get it.

24 Feb (Sun – early AM) Head cold is getting worse though I’m trying to hold it at bay with honey-lemon-cinnamon tea. A hot shower and some Aleve before I go to bed should help too. What didn’t help was going out in the rain, to a restaurant full of people, breathing their germs on me. Ugh. But enough about that.

I put 1,115 more words on the story and I’m almost finished with chapter two. I just need to fill in one gap and write the major sex scene. After that, it’s finishing off chapter three, which I already started, and writing the brief epilogue. So long as this cold doesn’t knock me on my ass (and my outing later today doesn’t take too much out of me), I should be able to at least get chapter two finished. I hope. I also have some time-sensitive promotional stuff that needs my attention.

Busy. Busy. Busy.

25 Feb (Mon) – Why did I just put 8,677 words on a NEW story that I thought was only self-entertainment. What had started out as a wild fantasy to entertain myself and never see the computer turned into a really good idea for a fantasy piece. I got the basics written and will flesh it out for submission later. I need to finish my Erotica piece before jumping into this new book.

My head cold is still with me but I think I’m in the final stretch. I’ll find out for sure after I get some sleep.

26 Feb (Tue) – I only put down 1,515 words today and not on the book it should have been on. I came up with a piece of a scene that needed to be written down before jumping into promo stuff. So that’s inputted and ready for tweaking at a later date when I start writing that story.

My head cold is still lingering — a little sneezing and a little stuffiness. Mostly ignorable. I wish it would just give up and go away. I’ve got better things to do than pause writing so I can sneeze. 😛

27 Feb (Wed) – 2,308 words today. Hard fought for words. Suddenly the story didn’t want to talk to me but I whipped it into shape. I’m almost at the end. I finished chapter two today, I need to add a little more to complete chapter three, and it turns out there will be an epilogue. Final word count should be a little over 30K.

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