Writing Update: 22 Feb 2013

Soooooo… I decided I wouldn’t be able to make the deadline for the EC Curve Appeal series without rushing the book and possibly ruining the story I want to tell. Rather than chance it and see, I decided to switch focus to another idea that’s been bugging me.

18 Feb (Mon) – I stayed up until 4AM my time writing. To be fair, I started around midnight. I had an idea and I had to write it. I put 3,069 words on an Erotica piece. Unfortunately, after a good night’s (morning?) rest, I didn’t like the concept any longer. What I wrote is fine, but the characters weren’t doing what I wanted and it seemed to be dragging. That usually means I’m forcing it. Plus I was writing while tired. That’s never a recipe for good things. So I’ve abandoned that story to think of a new concept.

19 Feb (Tue) – My days are a little mixed up since I stayed up late Sunday night into Monday morning, hence my word count being attributed to Monday rather than Sunday. Likewise, all the plotting I did for a new Erotica series was Monday night going into Tuesday morning. I decided to write my ideas out long hand and ended up with a sore wrist afterwards. I also finished off my current composition book. I have to dig out another one for future ideas.

After working myself into a funk because I had character that needed a story and I couldn’t think of a story, it finally came to me. Thus another Erotica series is born. I plotted out one story that led to another story and then a vague idea for a third and a possibly a fourth. After getting some sleep and letting my brain recharge, I decided the possible fourth made a better first book. The third vague idea may or may not happen depending on whether or not I can flesh it out a little more.

20 Feb (Wed) – Another mixed up day. It’s 2:40AM on Wednesday and I haven’t gone to bed yet. My word count was achieved throughout the day on Tuesday, which is different from my norm of writing during the day until sunset and then doing promo stuff until going to bed. However this story wants to be written and doesn’t care about schedules. Since I didn’t finish until now, I have to attribute it to Wednesday. Actually it doesn’t matter when I wrote it so long as it gets written.

Today’s (yesterday’s) word count was 5,130 words and an amazing start to my new series. My characters are vivid and talking loud. The stories will be single POV but that just means I can delve deep into the heroine’s psyche so the readers get to know her really well.

As is the case with my Erotica pieces, this series will be Contemporary. Funny how Erotica is the only time when I don’t have preternatural beings clamoring for attention. Any other time, even if I try for Contemporary, a dead body pops up or the hero grows fangs or something. As is, I’ll enjoy the break from world building to focus on character building.

21 Feb (Thu) – Another writing all day type of day. My word count (before I head off to bed) is 5,546 and I finished chapter one. I still have to go back and make sure everything looks right… though I plan to do that later. Right now I’m more concerned with going forward. I’m about a third of the way through the book after two days of writing. I want to keep up that momentum.

Yes, the chapters in this book are long. I’m doing that on purpose. Hopefully my editor will let me keep them that way since it’s my plan to do all the other books in the series the same way. For a novel, the chapters are about the right length but we’ll see.

Today is my release day for Forever Wicked: Collar and Bell so I have to factor promotion into my writing time. As well, Friday is girls’ day — getting together to gossip and such. That may or may not impact my writing. I’ll find out when/if it happens.

22 Feb (Fri) – It’s not often I get to add a Friday writing update to the bottom of my weekly update post. With my weird writing schedule, it was bound to happen. That just means next week post will start with Saturday. 4,964 words today. I’m about half way through chapter two and learning lots of fun things about my characters the more I write. This is what I love about being a pantser… discovery. 😀

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