Around My Office: Beanbag Cat

I figured out what to put on Saturdays — stuff from around my office. I have a home office and it’s full of the most random stuff that is either here to help me write or distract me, depending on my mood.

The first thing is my beanbag chair and my kitty.

Forgive the quality of the pictures. The bottom close-up was taken with my iPhone and the top one was with my Kodak camera.

Anywho. This is my beanbag chair. Very comfy. That is my itty bitty grey kitty, Sputnik (she’s a Russian Blue mix) lying in my beanbag chair. Sputnik is my office kitty. I have two cats and the second one isn’t allowed in my office since she always gets into stuff and causes a distraction. Not good for when I’m trying to write. Besides, Misha likes my hubby better than me.

Sputnik loves the beanbag chair. She will sit and bitch up a storm if it doesn’t have the perfect dip for her to laze in. In which case, I have to stop what I’m doing and create it for her then place her in it.

When the beanbag has the perfect dip, she runs and hops into it, looking amazingly pleased with herself. I wish I could catch that on video and post it here, but she’s quick about it. I find it funny that she likes the beanbag so much since she wouldn’t go near it at first. Now she complains when I move her so I can sit on it.


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