Author Interview: Yvonne Eve Walus

The Basics
Yvonne Eve Walus
Brand: Plum With Brains
Genre(s): Murder Mystery
Publisher(s): Echelon Press

To Other Authors

What are the three MOST important pieces of advice you would give to a brand new author?

  • 1. Write
  • 2. Listen to constructive feedback
  • 3. Submit

What’s your favorite way to advertise?

  • Online: blogs, chats, Facebook
  • Offline: fridge magnets, postcards

What hard-knock lesson did the publishing world teach you (can be your own experience or someone else’s that you learned from)?

  • Your first novel will probably be rubbish. It’s still important to write it, because your second novel will be better, and your third one has a good chance of being published.

For the Readers

What are you reading, if anything, at the moment?

  • Harlan Coben
  • Jeffrey Deaver
  • Joshilyn Jackson

Do you prefer ebooks or print for your reading pleasure?
Definitely print. After a whole day at the computer, I like to rest my eyes.
Name three of your all-time-favorite, read-them-over-and-over books.

  • 1. “Good Omens” (Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman)
  • 2. “ods in Alabama” (Joshilyn Jackson)
  • 3. “Sleeping Arrangements” (Madeleine Wickham)

Idle Curiosity Compels Me to Ask

– What inspired you to be a writer?

  • The flexible hours, lol? Seriously, there were many catalysts, but writing is not something that I actually planned to do with my life – it just happened. I believe I wanted to be a hairdresser at 4, a teacher at 8, a scientist at 12, a computer programmer at 18….
  • But now I want to be a best-selling writer. With all my heart!

– What do you do immediately after finishing a manuscript?

  • After a short period of feeling lost without the manuscript that formed such a large part of my life for the last number of months, I submit it and get on with a new project.

– Do you talk to your characters or your muse or both?

  • I try not to. Talking stands in the way of writing. I see it as just another excuse not to sit down and get on with the story. (It is FUN though, isn’t it?) 🙂

Promo Section

~ Most Recent Release ~

Murder @ Play
Echelon Press
ISBN: 978-1-59080-637-1



In the new free South Africa of 1994, men are still boss, women carry handguns for self-protection, and some mistakes can change your life forever.

When a body is found during their weekend away with friends, Christine Chamberlain must use her brilliant mathematical mind to prove her husband’s innocence…
… whether he’s innocent or not.

When it comes to your loved ones, is it possible to know too much?

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Thanks, Yvonne!

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