B is for Busy

A to Z Challenge: B

I wonder how many other fellow A-to-Z’ers will use Busy for their B word. I’ve been struggling for the last few hours to figure out what I could use for B while trying to dig out from under all the stuff I need to get done… then the light bulb flipped on.

Let’s make a list shall we?

– Judging Swirl Awards: 3 books (due 07 June – haven’t started)
– Judging FF&P’s Prism Awards: 8 books (due 03 May – haven’t started)
– DRB1stChp blog: daily posts needing scheduling through 16 April (one per day and four on Sundays)
* Syndicating info to FB page and groups
* Syndicating info on Twitter
* Syndicating info on Google+
– Updating both DRB1stChp and DRBya1stChp blogs so all posts are tagged and consistent with new design since WordPress migration
– New Release promotion for Changeling Press (four separate blogs each week)
– Promotions workshops/seminars for Changeling Press authors (twice a month)
– Flash Fiction Round Up post and new theme announcement at Changeling Press (every Friday)
– Slash Sunday on Stephanie Burke’s FB timeline (missed 31 March’s ’cause I forgot)
– Guest blog at Sweet ‘n Sexy Divas on 19 April & 19 May (need to write both in April)
– Guest blog at Cup o’ Porn on 08 & 10 May (have to turn that info in April)
– Guest blog at TRS Blue 17 May (need to write in April)
– Finish Caveat Emptor spin-off novella (10-20K words) in April (deadline June but I’ll be traveling most of May and beginning of June so I need to get it done in April)
– Start and finish Halloween novella (6-10K words) with April deadline
– Write two Encounters (free reads for Changeling Press max 1500 words) to be released in April (due on 13th) & May

Just looking at that list is depressing. I do it to myself. I volunteered for it all. Add in my regular promotional efforts for my own titles and you have my definition of busy. Plus my work load is that much more pressing because in May I’ll be traveling to the mainland to attend a wedding, visit family, and attend a convention. I leave on 01 May and won’t be back in Hawaii until 10 June. Anything due in May and early June has to be accomplished in April.

Believe me, when I made my May plans I wasn’t thinking about all this stuff. I have to go research connect cards so my internet connection won’t be interrupted during my travels. I have too much going on to be without internet for too long. At least that small expense counts as business so it’ll come off my taxes.

Oh yeah… almost forgot… I also decided to be part of the A to Z Challenge. 😛


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