C is for Community

A to Z Challenge: C

C is for Community… the authors’ community, that is. I am very happy, fortunate, and blessed to be part of several online groups filled with wise authors generous in their knowledge. From the beginning of my career until now and into the future, there is never a time my questions go unanswered. And, if I have an answer, I’m always happy to share it.

Authors are a talkative bunch — usually behind closed doors (or closed groups) so we don’t get ourselves in trouble. Get a few Erotic Romance authors together and the conversation will quickly migrate to sex in all its variations and the best (or worst) words to use when describing it all.

Until I went to my first Romance convention, I thought I truly was a black sheep — not only in my family but with the people around me. Only my close friends and hubby could join in the conversation topics my imagination would toss out without looking at me like I had lost my mind. And then I met other authors — like-minded individuals just as warped and out there as I am.

Among the authors I have met, I have made a true mental connection with Stephanie Burke. We are shaved off the same block of crazy. We can call each other up with the intention of having a five-minute conversation (twenty tops) and end up staying on the phone for 6-8 hours just talking plots and characters and scenes. Oh, we also toss in some family stuff, but it’s mostly pure fantasy worlds and character torture.

It’s a great feeling to find a community to which to belong. I’m so happy writing led me to mine.


    • You and me both. My hubby is a little on the weird side (like me) but when I try to talk plot with him, he goes guy on me. Just doesn’t work. I need authors in my life. 🙂

  1. juliejs

    Oh, I love how you describe you and your friend being shaved from the same block of crazy. Love love love it!! I am also in several communities of writers and it really makes all the difference in the world. Sometimes there is some weird shifting or uckyness, but its worth hanging in there, isn’t it?

    Glad to “meet” you today!

    Happy A to Z-ing!
    Julie Jordan Scott
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    • “Shaved from the same block of crazy” is the best way to describe us. There’s all different blocks and sometimes my crazy doesn’t mingle with other people’s crazy. And I love hanging in there.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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