Guest Blog: M&M Makin’ the Rounds

Please welcome Mandy M. Roth and Michelle M. Pillow as today’s guest bloggers!
M&M Makin’ the Rounds
Big thanks to D. Renee Bagby for letting us come here and play today! We’ll get started with our first Q&A.
Boxers or Briefs?
Q: Do you plot or are you a pantser?
Michelle: Pantser. I hate outlines. The one time I wrote one, the characters rebelled and did something completely different. I like to make the characters, build the world, have a few things to throw at them, but then just let them do what they do. I don’t always know how a book will end when I start it, only that it *should* be a happily ever after.
Mandy: A little bit of both. I like structure but I don’t like to fence myself in. I need freedom to go where the story takes me but guidelines so I don’t wander aimlessly (because I sooo will). I joke with Michelle all the time that by the time I’m done writing a 100k book, I’ve actually written a 200k book but just clipped a bunch along the way when the story darted off in a direction I didn’t like. She tells me to make them pick your own adventure books. LOL
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Mandy M Roth
Michelle M Pillow
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  1. Hello Mandy and Michelle!

    I don't write stories, but I know that when I have to write a paper for a class(college) I usually don't use outlines. They tend to confuse me more than help me. In fact I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and write the entire thing in one sitting. I also do better when it's getting close to the deadline.

    By the way Michelle; the guy on the cover of “The Pirate Prince” looks absolutely yummy.

  2. LOL ok so my question today is what do you do when your characters decide they want to be bad and not behave? I have this happen all the time and it throws me off. I usually end up killing them so no happily ever after 🙁

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