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Today’s post is about Ayla Ruse and her very interesting take on Christmas deliveries to Hell. Yup, you read that right. Someone in Hell made Santa’s Nice List. I’m not sure who, but I know it couldn’t have been Zarakion. *eg* So I asked Ayla.

I’m curious who in Hell would be getting presents? Or is that a secret for another time?

That is an excellent question, and the answer is one I’m holding close right now. I have a few ideas for future revelations regarding what kinds of things the creatures in Hell could possibly want.

You tease! Fine. I respect that. How did you come up with this plot?

When Changeling announced it was gathering proposals for this year’s Christmas stories, I jumped. I’d never written demons before. I think at the time there was a bit of talk about demons on the loops, so demons were at the forefront of my mind. The only problem then became, how would I incorporate a demon with Christmas in a fun and loving way? With the theme being Santa’s Helpers, a delivery service popped up next. From there, I created the scenario of a substitute receiving demon and a newbie delivery elf. They each don’t know the “rules,” so everything’s fair game for them.

This sounds like the process I used last year for my White Hot Christmas title. In other words, the Changeling Press plot bunnies at work, as usual. Will you be revisiting this world and these characters? (the answer better be yes, or else)

Hahaha. I’ve let the idea tumble around, and it’s come to my attention that delivery services often operate throughout the year. Nothing concrete yet, but yes, there will be something more from Taryn and Zarakion in the future. As for revisiting this world, that’s a definite yes. I’m writing a story now for the upcoming Soul Debt series with Changeling, and a portion of the tale takes place through one of the Gates of Hell.

Ohhhh. I’m going to enjoy reading that one. I will definitely keep an eye out for that. So, what do Taryn and Zarakion do in the off season… besides each other?

Is there anything better to do? *g* Seriously, they develop their relationship just like any other. They talk, hang out, and I’ve recently discovered that Taryn is a great cook and loves to sneak treats to Zarakion.

I love when characters reveal more about themselves to the author so she can share with the rest of the class, as it were. I look forward to seeing more of those two. They were great together. What can readers expect from you next and when?

I’ll have a story for the Soul Debt series out in spring of 2013. After that will be a Contemporary Menage with Total-e-Bound. My plate is lining up from there. It’s just a matter of what story screams the loudest to be written first. I will admit, with the flash fictions Changeling does every Friday, my cup of story lines runneth over.

I completely sympathize. Changeling’s Flash Fiction challenges have spawned enough plot bunnies that I’m planning for 2014 already. Great interview, Ayla, and thanks for sharing insight into the story and the below excerpt. For those who want to experience a non-traditional Christmas, HOT as… well Hell Erotic Romance, check out Zarakion’s Tip.

Zarakion’s Tip
Santa’s Helpers (multi-author series)
by Ayla Ruse

Genre: Erotic Dark Fantasy Demon Elf Christmas Romance (MF)
Publisher: Changeling Press
Out Now!
Buy Link:

The SPDS — Santa’s Package Delivery System — is in full swing this Christmas. This special co-op of the North Pole delivers packages to the Otherworlders, including demons.

Taryn is a new delivery elf this year, and she draws the short straw — having to deliver packages to Hell.

Zarakion, a Cha’horz demon — the guardians of the dividing line between Earth and Hell — has to work the unstable drop point. He has to play at receiving; not his favorite job.

When Taryn steps through the Gate, she’s intimidated at first by the huge demon, but Zarakion gives her a delivery tip that’ll have her scrambling to return to the drop point again and again.

Read the first full chapter online:

Enjoy this Steamy Excerpt…

Zarakion stood just beyond the light’s edge when that dainty morsel of flesh stuck out a hand, palm up. His mouth dropped. Every demon understood that an offered, open palm meant the female wanted to fuck him.
As a Cha’horz demon, he had a job to guard the fragile border of Hell. He’d interacted with all kinds of beings. Today was the first time, however, he’d run into a creature like the little female before him. And that she knew of demon inferences shocked and excited him.
She still held out her slender hand. He could see the lines tracing her palm and he wondered again how that pale flesh would feel next to his skin. Would it burn, or feel like that legendary snowflake he’d referred to? Then she did the impossible. She curled her fingers a few times, as if showing her impatience.
“I’ll be blessed,” Zarakion cursed. His straining cock could take no more. He wasn’t sure how they would work together — she was impossibly tiny — but he’d find a way.
In a quick move, Zarakion stepped into the light, wrapped a large hand around her torso, yanked her up to him, and slicked his long tongue from her waist to her neck.
The tips of his forked tongue burned when it her touched her flesh. Like strong peppers, her skin held a taste that hurt but called him back for more. He opened his mouth for another striking taste, but sexual craving flooded his body and he dropped to his knees.
Snowflake had wrapped her hands around his outer horns, the largest across his forehead. Out of the seven lining his brow, the ones at the ends linked directly to his cock, and her firm grip upon the horns felt like she squeezed him without mercy.
“Let go,” he cried out, positive he’d come on the spot if she didn’t. He couldn’t yank her away for just the same reason.
“You let go first,” she demanded, even though her breath was uneven and her entire body smelled like sex.
He set her on her feet and regrettably unwrapped his hand from her body as she removed her fingers from his horns. It was now he realized exactly how small she was compared to him. His palm had covered her entire back, and his fingers had reached around to her front. Her breasts had pillowed themselves between his fingers, and he couldn’t resist tightening his knuckles over her nipples as he removed his hand. She gasped and shivered, her large blue eyes shining as she stared up at him.
When they separated, he blinked to see that his entire body stood twice the size of hers. She tipped her head back, exposing the pale skin of the neck he wanted to taste again.
“You touched me,” she said, her voice full of wonder.
“I plan to touch you again.”
“But you’re not allowed to do that.”
“I don’t know where you were, but I just did.”
“No, I mean, I was told Receiving demons couldn’t touch others.”
He barked out a laugh. “You might be right, but I’m a Cha’horz demon.” His grin grew wicked and his voice dropped. “Isn’t this your lucky day?”
He had lied to her. He couldn’t touch her any time he wanted. There were some rules to follow. Few, but there were some. One stated there could be no physical contact unless the delivery creature initiated or requested contact. Her open palm sure as hell was an invite, but now he’d have to wait for another.
He shook his head at her defiance and stalked out of her pool of light and back to the darkness and the desk he’d been given. He reclined in the large seat and stared at her. Who could blame him? The way her arms crossed lifted her small breasts. He flicked his forked tongue over his lips, spying her hard nipples pressed against the blood-red shirt she wore. Her green skirt rode high on her thighs, exposing slender legs encased in soft green stockings — that ended at the tops of her thighs? His blood heated when she shifted and pale skin peeked out. She tossed her head and long, silky, white hair flipped across her back, revealing pointy ears.
Wait. An Elf? He’d heard of such creatures, but never had one tried to breach the borders, had they? At least, not the points of Hell he usually guarded. Still, he’d heard rumors of these creatures… and of how sensual they could be.

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