RT Con Advice #2: Virginia Ettel

My first contributor to this advice thread is Virginia Ettel and she has this to say:

Bookmark this website: http://www.tsa.gov/index.shtm

This is the website for the Transportation Safety Administration. Unless you’re driving your own car from home, you need the information here. Most people don’t travel often enough to know all of the does & don’ts about packing & traveling these days. This is the place to get the RIGHT answers.

Sound advice for you all flyers. I’m driving. 😀

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  1. I’ve reached the point where flying to RT almost isn’t an option.

    I have reached a Certain Age and “higher maintenance” is my middle name. LOL I need my mini fridge, my own coffee maker (those two-cup midgets in the rooms make me giggle), my favorite drinks and snacks, and my own transportation. Plus I just don’t trust mailing my promo to the hotel ahead of time – I’ve seen too many authors not get their stuff until the con is halfway over.

    I can do the smaller cons like Celebrate Romance in one suitcase. RT? Not anymore!!

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