Saturday Sound Off: Interracial Romance

I’m doing something different for Saturday since my office is a bit messy today and I don’t feel like cleaning it to take a picture of something. 😛

So let me introduce Saturday Sound Off

:: Attention Authors ::

Leave a comment (this post only) with your Interracial/Multicultural titles.





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If you know how to embed an image in the comments section, go for it. No excerpts, just the above info. Romance titles only. Any heat level. Any relationship type. Published (ie – currently available for purchase) titles only.

Every Saturday I do this will be a different theme, so check back.

I look forward to seeing the MC/IR titles that show up.


  1. Title: The Last Man
    Author: Cheryl Dragon
    Genre: Contemp I/R Erotic Romance

    Blurb: Jeffery Ellison and Monica Collins face off daily in Atlanta's family court system. Both want the best for their clients but they rarely agree. The sparks are obvious to everyone else, but Monica has been disappointed by men too many times. Jeff knows pushing her will only hurt the respect and trust they've built. A match with 1NS sounds like just the thing. The pair is off to Vegas for a legal conference and to enjoy their one night stands. Jeff does his best to spend time with her outside of work but he can't be sure she's his for the night. All he can do is hope that Madame Eve agrees with his heart and Monica will let her guard down long enough to see their passionate potential.

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  2. Hi Renee, thx for doing this!

    Title: Sugar Daddy

    Author: Rawiya

    Genre: MM IR Romance

    Blurb: Book 4 in the “Something New On The Menu” Series

    Matthew Davidson wants a MAN! The setting shifts away from the America’s to Britain where Matthew and his childhood friend, Devon Peartly attend a cooking school to obtain their cooking certificates. The young man wants a partner so badly, he decides he’ll try an online dating service in hopes of finding a black man that can take care of and satisfy him romantically. He finds that man, Antwon Bantu on an online dating site and is instantly intrigued. Little does Matthew know that Antwon is involved in a “convenient” marriage and is seeking a younger partner so he can finally get on with his life. Instead of confessing the truth, he decides to hide it, fearing he’ll lose the chance with Matthew if he informs him. To complicate things, Antwon’s wife claims to be in love with him. Antwon must choose what’s more important; loving Matthew or saving his impeccable reputation as a top barrister in the London courts? Which will he choose?

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  3. Title: Smooth Like Latte
    Author: Rawiya
    Genre: MM IR Romance

    Brendan Walsh is an uptight business executive working for his father and missing out on real life due to his relentless drive for success. Fearing his homophobic father’s wrath – and the potential to destroy his financial future – Brendan hides is true orientation and lives a life of boring celibacy.
    Upon meeting Davori Jenkins when the hunky barista serves him a latte just the way he likes it, Brendan takes a chance, leaving his number with the tip in the hopes of changing his future love life.
    Will Brendan be able to come clean with his father – risking his fortune – or will he take a chance at losing a man who he wants as his future?

    Warning: This is an m/m interracial romance. Real romance. Some sappiness is ahead with two very good looking men who are searching for that happy ever after ending.


  4. Title: Café Midnight: Grande

    Author: Cynthia Sax

    Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

    Blurb:After years of searching, Thorne finally obtains the magic he needs to cross over to another dimension, and kill the goblin who murdered his sister. On the night before that dangerous mission, he heads to Café Midnight, and meets a woman too sexually skilled to keep to himself, and too appealing to leave behind.

    When Jazmine orders her Grande coffee, Thorne more than delivers. He is a giant, generous, and willing to share her with his buddies. Upon hearing of his inter-dimensional plot for revenge, the plus-sized beauty is determined not to be left behind. She'll use all the weapons in her sexual arsenal to keep her big man safe.

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  5. Title:

    Author: Ann Jacobs

    Genre: BDSM contemporary Interracial

    Blurb: Jack has a problem. He just awoke after a night of wild sex…with a man. His libido is on the rampage and threatens his dream for an NFL career. Desperate for a solution, he turns to Tawny, the love of his life, and asks her to become his wife and his Mistress—to curb and control his overactive sex drive.
    Though leery of the BDSM scene, Tawny agrees. Jack will become her sex slave and she’ll keep him in chastity, his cock caged and totally hers to command. They relish their new roles. Jack’s NFL career leads them to Rebels’ Roost, a safe place where they can play out any BDSM fantasy they want and safely satisfy Jack’s bisexual desires. They plan to introduce a permanent third into their sex games. But, does Jack still want that, or is Tawny’s love all he really needs?

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  6. Title: Plucking the Pearl

    Author: Afton Locke

    Genre: historical interracial (1930s)

    Blurb: When Pearl's sheltered life shatters in the 1930s when her mother dies, her only option is to move in with poor family relations and shuck oysters in the local plant on Oyster Island, Maryland.

    Determined to live a morally proper life, the last thing she wants is an affair with a white man, but Caleb, the plant owner, knows a pearl when he sees one. The successful widower is the “oyster king” of the island, but his intense desire for his forbidden new employee, a woman of color, threatens everything he’s built.

    What begins as a private sexual liaison flowers into strong feelings that don't fit the social mores of the island. When their secret is discovered, they risk losing everything. They dared to pluck the pearl, but will their love be strong enough to keep it forever?

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  7. Fantastic idea! Thanks Renee!

    Title: Dragon's Heart Story of the Brethren

    Author: LaVerne Thompson

    Genre: interracial fantasy romance

    Blurb: Over a thousand years ago Draakar was forced to leave Earth, now he has no choice but to return. The dragon lord, whose world teeters on the brink of destruction, must find his truemate. The one woman with the power and love fated to save them all. The woman he left behind.

    Maya Trent was abandoned on Earth, apparently human but so much more and unaware of her dual heritage. Once Draakar awakens her dragon within all she wants to do is kill him. Yet they must work together to save mankind as well as the brethren. But first Draakar has to convince her that the truemate bond between them is real, as is his love for her. She just has to believe in him.

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  8. Title: Once Burned

    Author: Dee Carney

    Genre: Contemporary (Foodie)

    Blurb: With a chance to win a cooking competition that will advance her career, the last thing food truck chef Pepper Joseph needs is a distraction. Except she’s got a heaping helping of it in the form of fellow chef Darien Priest, the man who broke her heart.

    It’s been years, and she tells herself she’s over his betrayal, but to her irritation, she finds she still has an appetite for his steel-gray eyes, clean-shaven head, and sleeve tattoos.

    Darien regrets the single, juvenile act that ended it with Pepper, but he’s never found the courage to apologize. Now that they’re in close quarters, something’s steaming and it’s not just the saucepots. One toe-curling kiss proves there’s the potential for more than just a guarded friendship, and he sets out to prove he’s grown into an honorable man.

    Until he discovers she’s pulled a seasoning switch that could have ruined one of his dishes. Now it’s on. There’s ten thousand dollars on the line, but if they don’t surrender to another chance at love, one—or both—of their wounded hearts could get singed.

    Warning: “Scorching hot” doesn’t refer to the food. Contains two chefs who’ll inspire cravings of the very carnal kind. Includes one delicious recipe guaranteed to blow any diet out of the water.

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    My site has multiple buy links for your convenience)

  9. Thanks for this opportunity to share.

    TITLE: Louisiana Hot Sauce (March 2011)
    AUTHOR: Mickie Sherwood
    GENRE: Mainstream/Interracial Romance
    Reclusive Mesha Rayburn's safe haven disintegrated when athletic Jack Connolly raced into her life. He was like an uninvited guest to her pity party. Yet, his brashness stoked her dormant emotions and injected spunk into her veins with every bated word. And—calling the cinnamon-skinned Black woman “biggety” didn't help matters.

    Mechanic Jack Connolly thought the trip down South to patch up and retrieve the bullet-ridden helicopter would be a pain. He never imagined the rhetoric becoming reality. But, thanks to Mesha's panicked outcry, it had. The pain radiating in his palm bothered him less than the one in his rear. She was bold and so beautiful. He had to know why she hid out in the boonies. As her transient tenant, he intended to find out at the risk of feeling the sting of her Louisiana Hot Sauce temper.

    BUY LINK: Amazon

  10. TITLE: Nicked Hearts (February 2011)
    AUTHOR: Mickie Sherwood
    GENRE: Mainstream/Interracial Romance
    Valentine’s Day surgery trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey? OVER HER DEAD BODY!

    Rambunctious runaway K.C. Montreaux—thirtyish and coddled—crashes the men’s room at Bush Intercontinental and straight into Nick Hart. His clear eyes x-ray through her while she hovers with a facetious grin on a lovely caramel face. A ruckus launches her to an empty stall and forces him into defense mode. Drafted actions cloak Nick’s deceit—from the mainland to Maui—as he helps outwit her pursuer.

    Will K.C. snuff out their combustible emotions like hushed Haleakala or forgive Nick’s misguided lies?

    Dare his nicked heart dream?

    BUY LINK: Amazon

  11. I tried my best to get the covers to show. Didn't work.

    Thanks, again.

    TITLE: BayouBabe99er (September 2012)
    AUTHOR: Mickie Sherwood
    GENRE: Mainstream/Interracial Romance
    How many things can go wrong at one time?

    That question plagues feisty divorcée Sharlene Mouton. A lost job. An oil spill ecological disaster threatening her rural Louisiana community. What else can happen? How about repeated run-ins with suave Drake Cormier, the oil company’s liaison officer, and someone barely older than her daughters.

    BUY LINK: BUY LINK: Amazon

  12. Title: MacNamara's Lady
    Author: N.J. Walters
    Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance


    Missy Sinclair knows what she wants out of life—a secure job, a fine home, financial independence and, eventually, a man to share it with. That man will have class and style, share her goals and tastes and like fine wine and classical music. Why then is she so attracted to T.S. MacNamara, who is the complete opposite?

    T.S. makes no apologies to anyone for his life. He’s worked hard to make his general contracting business a success. He likes beer and football. He’s not looking for anything permanent. Problem is, he can’t stop wanting Missy.

    When he rescues Missy from a violent mugging, the seething physical attraction that’s been shimmering between them for months finally explodes. Classy and rough, dark and light, educated and blue-collar. Opposites attract—at least in the bedroom. But they both have secrets that won’t stay buried…secrets that threaten to drive them apart unless they’re both willing to face their pasts.

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  13. Many thanks to D. Renee for the invitation to share my new release …

    Title: Blooming in the Wild
    Author: Cathryn Cade
    Genre: Red Hot Paranormal Romance

    Dangers in paradise…

    Hawaiian Heroes, Book 3

    Blurb: On Hawaii’s Big Island to supervise a photo shoot for her sporting goods company, Bella Moran is looking forward to relaxing with her newfound family. As the island works its magic on her Ho’omalu blood, though, something strange begins to happen.

    In her dreams, she is at one with the untamed rainforest, able to command the trees and flowers with a terrifying power. Unfortunately, she finds no rest in her waking hours, dealing with the sexy, boy-in-a-man-suit star of the shoot.

    Joel Girand, star of his own TV adventure show, signed on for a relaxing weekend showcasing tropical camping gear. He never expected to fall for an uptight executive type like Bella, but there’s something about her lush native beauty that excites the wild places in his soul.

    In Joel’s arms, Bella feels her civilized veneer peeling away. But when it becomes clear someone with a grudge against her family is using deadly force to sabotage the shoot, Bella’s frightening dream power manifests in the very clear light of day. And Joel must decide if his heart will let him stand back and let her sacrifice everything—even her life—for her native home.

    Product Warnings
    A wahine who’ll stop at nothing to claim her man. Steamy interlude in the tropical forest, including illicit use of flowers.

    Buy link:

  14. Title: Remedy Maker
    Author: Sheri Fredricks
    Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance

    “You ever see her before?”

    “No, I haven’t.” Rhy ran his hands down both bare legs and a slender exposed arm. He checked for broken bones, noting her supple skin and a clean woodsy scent.

    Her blouse had an unusual design, made of homespun fibers. It had a diagonal cut neckline with tiny puff sleeves, pink and soft. Created from the same material, a short skirt flared, and was embroidered with spring-green leaves.

    A tickle teased his neck again, but not from annoyance this time. He repeated the examination of her other arm. Tension curled tighter in his gut, suspicion spread like spilled wine.

    Tilting her head with care, he pushed her dark brown hair from her smooth décolletage, sucked in a short breath, and froze.

    “What is it? Snake bite?” Samuel raised the brass lantern higher and leaned over for a better view.

    Rhy tapped his thumb against her neck. Designs a few shades darker than her natural color marred the creamy complexion. The millennia old skin formation carved its way into his painful memories. It started behind her ear, an inch wide at the hairline, and extended to the other side.

    The words choked out of him. There was no use trying to hide his revulsion. “Wood Nymph.”

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  15. TITLE: Lust in the First Degree (The Andersons 4)
    AUTHOR: Marie Jermy
    GENRE: Erotic contemporary interracial romance

    Matt Anderson is a cynic when it comes to romance. The words love and relationship are not in his vocabulary. Then volcanologist Darcy Forbes strolls into his home town of Silver Creek and it’s not long before he loses his heart and soul to the audacious beauty. Is Darcy “The One” that his brother is always on his case about?

    A bad experience at the hands of Kurt Forrester, her ex-boyfriend and a cop, has left Darcy Forbes distrustful of the law. No way is she going to fall for a man in uniform ever again. However, her resolve shatters the moment she arrives in Silver Creek, Montana. With his carnal physique and presence, Officer Matt Anderson is not easily ignored, but can she trust this cop with her heart?

    Forrester then arrives in town. Will he and his AK-47 turn the hot love that Darcy and Matt have found with each other into ashes?


  16. Title: The Legacy
    Author: J. Adams
    Genre: Inspirational interracial romance

    North Carolina native, Cisely Matthews has seen and suffered much in her twenty-two years of life, and she has the scars to prove it. When amazing blessings come to her, she wonders if she will ever feel worthy enough to deserve them. Australian-born Ingo Kelly is thrown for an emotional loop when he visits his aunt in Utah and meets Cisely for the first time. He falls for her hard and fast. But getting her to accept his love is a challenge he is more than willing to take on.
    Adagio St. John is Ingo's best friend and the two are as close as brothers. When Adagio travels to Utah from his home in Italy to attend Ingo and Cisely's wedding, he is overjoyed that his friend has found happiness with such an amazing woman. He hopes he can find the same happiness one day and end the loneliness he struggles with on a daily basis. There are prospects aplenty, but none of the shallow beauties can capture his heart. When love does finally come to Adagio, will he allow himself to embrace it or continue to go it alone?

    Buy Links:

  17. Great idea Renee! Thanks!

    Title: Dragon Kin:Captive Heart

    Author: Anne Kane

    Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


    After years of playing the field, Haydn has finally found his soul mate. Problem is, the well-endowed Cassie thinks all dragons are trouble and she has no intention of letting Hayden anywhere near her. He's going to have to do some fast talking to convince her he's the dragon of her dreams.

    Buy Link:

  18. Love the idea, Renee! Thanks so much!

    Title: A Touch of Darkness (Vol. 1 An Abigail St. Michael Novel)

    Author: BC Brown

    Genre: (I/R) Paranormal Romantic Suspense

    Blurb: Abigail St. Michael, a former cop, has joined the recently growing ranks of metaphysicals, individuals with abilities outside that of normal human nature. When a murderer stalks her town killing children, Abbey uses her ability of touch clairvoyance to hunt him down. Her only roadblock is that her murderer seems to have his own unique talent, the ability to 'wipe' his victims and their surroundings of any metaphysical energy. With little physical evidence and no supernatural evidence, Abbey is forced to rely on instinct and luck to solve the case. However both Abbey's luck and instinct seem to have taken a permanent vacation as the victims keep piling up with the killer's escalating blood lust.

    Buy Link:

  19. Title: Streetwalker
    Author: Veronica Tower
    Genre: Erotic IR

    Blurb: On their tenth wedding anniversary, Edie and Jack vow to reinvigorate their sex life and save their marriage through randomly selected fantasies. First drawn is Jack’s fantasy starring Edie as a common streetwalker. Equal parts enraged and aroused, Edie determines to blow Jack’s mind.

    Luring him to a seedy section of town, Edie pulls out all the stops to give Jack exactly what he asked for—whether he can handle it or not. High on the erotic rush of newfound power over each other, the couple vows to take the tame—and their marriage—to the next level.

    Buy Link:

  20. Wow, I never think I'm writing “interracial romance” but I guess I do. I just reflect lovers who find each other and fall in love! But I guess one of my longer novels set in West Texas does possess an interracial romance.

    Title: Beautiful Dreamer
    Author: Celine Chatillon (
    Genre: Contemporary romance (with erotic elements)

    Blurb: Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues.

    A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't really the “love 'em and leave 'em” type of woman he's used to entertaining in bed, and he’s worried. But by the end of the week–and after surviving a series of livestock-related calls and some “sleepless” nights–Cody is able to conquer both his fear of stampeding cattle and his fear of commitment.

    Buy link from LSB Books:

  21. Title: Nobody Rides for Free
    Author: Sara Jay
    Genre:Razor's Edge Press, Dark Fantasy
    Fae law prevents Sinn from mating, but the bikers have rules of their own — nobody rides for free.

    In a world where Fae desires overrule those of mere humans, Sinn is consumed with desire for her soulmate, Daka. However, Daka refuses to break the Fae law that prevents them from having sex without the queen's permission. Sinn finds a way to sate her sexual hunger in the company of three bikers.

    They'll make a good tribute to the queen's appetites, too…

    Buy link:

  22. Hi Renee. Thank you for letting us pimp our books!

    Title: Pharaoh’s Desire
    Author: Chanta Jefferson Rand (
    Genre: Interracial Historical Romance


    He's the most powerful man in Egypt…

    For hundreds of years, Egypt and Nubia have been fighting for control of each other's borders. Pharaoh Amonmose, known for his ruthlessness in battle and his cunning wit in politics, takes what he wants and he is denied nothing–until he lays eyes on the ebony beauty named Kama. He regards her as one of the spoils of war, burning her village and taking her as his captive. Mesmerized by her fiery spirit, he’s determined to conquer her, no matter what the cost.

    She's determined to resist him…

    With her exotic looks and full curves, Kama is a prize worthy of a mighty pharaoh. But she vows never to be dominated by any male, mortal or divine. The two embark on their own power struggle as Kama fights to keep him from possessing not only her body, but her heart as well.

    Buy Links:

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