Around My Office: Dragons!

Okay so I totally blanked on last week’s Around My Office post. By the time I remembered it, it was Sunday. Oops. But I remembered this week. 😀

(Photo taken with my Kodak camera.)

I love dragons with a capital L. Love, love, love, LOVE! When Tod MacFarlane came out with his dragon series, I had to have them. Not all of them, mind you. I love dragons, but I do have taste. And some of the dragons in that series were ugly. Sorry, but they were. I skipped those.

These five are the ones I got. I have one other still in its box, but that’s for another post. The one in the middle with the long staff (which is broken by the way and being held together by superglue and the dragon’s hand) is my absolute favorite.

He was my first of the collection. He was the one that made me fall in love with the entire line. I had to have him and didn’t even acknowledge the others until after I got him. It’s the wings. 😛

While the dragons I created for my stories don’t look like these guys, I still love having them around for inspiration. The big guy in the middle is always peering over my shoulder from the bookshelf behind my desk and the other four sit in a cubby in the bookshelf in front of my desk.

While I do want others, the run is over. That means the only way to get them is from far off toy shops who still have them in inventory and e-auction people who have jacked up the price far beyond what it should be.


  1. I'm amother dragon lover and have about 25 on the shelf above my computer. Do I have a favorite that's hard. Some are glass, several broken a bit. One is a clock and one a lamp. There's one from China and anothr from Siam, brought by a friend. I've even written 2 stories using dragons as characters, one inspired by one of those spatter art projects done by my 4 year old grandson who brought it home from nursery school saying he made a dragon for Grammy.

    • I wish my collection was that big. I have to stop myself from buying every dragon I see — I'm a major pack rat. I settle on getting small and medium-sized posters instead. They are easier to move. I'm glad my MacFarlane dragons are plastic so I know the movers can't hurt them too much.

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